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First/Given Name(s):


Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abernathy, Jemima  29 Aug 1702Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17590 Mindrum 
2 Barthomelo, Harry  7 Jun 1818Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I37074 Mindrum 
3 Beach, Benoni  20 Oct 1686Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39500 Mindrum 
4 Beach, Caleb  1699Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39375 Mindrum 
5 Beach, Elihu  14 Dec 1734Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39531 Mindrum 
6 Beach, Enos  30 Jan 1726Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39526 Mindrum 
7 Beach, Eunice  5 Mar 1737Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39533 Mindrum 
8 Beach, Gershom  23 May 1697Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39402 Mindrum 
9 Beach, Hannah  26 Feb 1680/1Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39496 Mindrum 
10 Beach, Jemima  11 May 1732Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39529 Mindrum 
11 Beach, Joanna  9 Oct 1705Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39507 Mindrum 
12 Beach, Joseph  10 Jun 1714Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39512 Mindrum 
13 Beach, Lydia  26 Feb 1719Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39517 Mindrum 
14 Beach, Moses  19 Feb 1695Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39387 Mindrum 
15 Beach, Nathan  18 Aug 1692Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39179 Mindrum 
16 Beach, Nathan  23 May 1721Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39177 Mindrum 
17 Beach, Phoebe  23 May 1710Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39509 Mindrum 
18 Beach, Ruth  24 Oct 1683Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39497 Mindrum 
19 Beach, Sarah  27 Oct 1723Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39524 Mindrum 
20 Beach, Stephen  16 Apr 1729Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39528 Mindrum 
21 Beach, Thankful  20 Sep 1702Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39460 Mindrum 
22 Beach, Thomas  9 Dec 1685Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39499 Mindrum 
23 Beach, Timothy  11 Jan 1689Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39501 Mindrum 
24 Beach, William  18 Nov 1716Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39514 Mindrum 
25 Beecher, Experience  12 Jun 1719Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39513 Mindrum 
26 Campbell, Ida  2 Jul 1857Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I30098 Mindrum 
27 Curtis, Abigail  3 Nov 1689Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17577 Mindrum 
28 Curtis, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1680Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17567 Mindrum 
29 Curtis, Hannah  3 Dec 1682Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17569 Mindrum 
30 Curtis, Jemima  15 Jan 1694/5Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39180 Mindrum 
31 Curtis, John  18 Sep 1699Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17583 Mindrum 
32 Curtis, Joseph  1 Oct 1691Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17579 Mindrum 
33 Curtis, Mary  13 Oct 1675Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17563 Mindrum 
34 Curtis, Nathaniel  14 May 1677Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17565 Mindrum 
35 Curtis, Rebecca  21 Aug 1697Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17580 Mindrum 
36 Curtis, Samuel  3 Feb 1678/9Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17566 Mindrum 
37 Curtis, Sarah  1 Oct 1687Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17571 Mindrum 
38 Curtis, Thomas  26 Aug 1685Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17570 Mindrum 
39 Doolittle, Joseph  25 Jan 1738Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I25035 Mindrum 
40 Frederick, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1686/7Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17587 Mindrum 
41 Hitchcock, Mary  10 Dec 1676Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39482 Mindrum 
42 Holt, Susanna  12 Feb 1716Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39515 Mindrum 
43 How, Sarah  30 Oct 1675Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17585 Mindrum 
44 Mattoon, John Jr.  25 Dec 1790Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18318 Mindrum 
45 Parker, Waitstill  24 Jul 1721Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39530 Mindrum 
46 Peck, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1673Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18729 Mindrum 
47 Preston, Eliasaph  26 Jan 1679/80Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17445 Mindrum 
48 Royce, Abel  10 Jan 1700Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39508 Mindrum 
49 Royce, Benjamin  6 May 1677Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17449 Mindrum 
50 Royce, Jacob  11 Apr 1679Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39506 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joan  8 Dec 1709Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17329 Mindrum 
2 Susanna  9 Apr 1770Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39388 Mindrum 
3 Bartholomew, Phebe  5 Jan 1763Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17586 Mindrum 
4 Beach, Benoni  11 Dec 1686Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39500 Mindrum 
5 Beach, Hannah  Dec 1685Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39496 Mindrum 
6 Beach, Phoebe  9 Jul 1740Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39509 Mindrum 
7 Beach, Thomas  19 Dec 1685Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39499 Mindrum 
8 Beach, Thomas  13 May 1741Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39181 Mindrum 
9 Benham, Joseph  1702Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18727 Mindrum 
10 Cook, Hannah  21 Jun 1768Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39502 Mindrum 
11 Curtis, Abigail  12 Jan 1730Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17577 Mindrum 
12 Curtis, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1735Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17567 Mindrum 
13 Curtis, Hannah  12 Oct 1703Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17569 Mindrum 
14 Curtis, Hannah  21 Oct 1728Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39691 Mindrum 
15 Curtis, Jemima  3 Mar 1739Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39180 Mindrum 
16 Curtis, John  4 Apr 1775Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17583 Mindrum 
17 Curtis, Sarah  6 Mar 1760Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17571 Mindrum 
18 Curtis, Thomas  Bef 4 May 1736Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39186 Mindrum 
19 Hall, Sarah  17 Dec 1700Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17584 Mindrum 
20 Hitchcock, John  6 Jul 1716Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39756 Mindrum 
21 Holt, Susanna  24 Sep 1742Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39515 Mindrum 
22 How, Sarah  4 Jan 1740Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17585 Mindrum 
23 Hull, Dr. John  6 Dec 1711Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39558 Mindrum 
24 Ives, John  1682Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18726 Mindrum 
25 Keeler, Silas P.  14 Feb 1875Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I29988 Mindrum 
26 Lewis, Ebenezer  1709Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18739 Mindrum 
27 Lines, Hannah  Abt 1688Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18728 Mindrum 
28 Merriman, Caleb  19 Jul 1703Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18702 Mindrum 
29 Merriman, Capt. John  1741Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18701 Mindrum 
30 Merriman, Mary  9 Aug 1733Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39187 Mindrum 
31 Merriman, Capt. Nathaniel  13 Feb 1693/4Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39690 Mindrum 
32 Merriman, Samuel  25 Sep 1694Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18732 Mindrum 
33 Peck, Elizabeth  Abt 1709Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18729 Mindrum 
34 Peck, Ruth  5 Dec 1686Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39473 Mindrum 
35 Preston, Deacon Eliasaph  1707Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39348 Mindrum 
36 Preston, Eliasaph  4 Jan 1763Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17445 Mindrum 
37 Preston, Mary  28 Nov 1755Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18735 Mindrum 
38 Royce, Benjamin  20 Oct 1703Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17449 Mindrum 
39 Royce, Jacob  13 Nov 1727Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39506 Mindrum 
40 Street, Anna  1705Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I18733 Mindrum 
41 Tyler, Esther  15 Sep 1750Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39503 Mindrum 
42 Tyler, Eunice  10 Jan 1733Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39504 Mindrum 
43 Wilcockson, Phoebe  30 Apr 1758Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I39182 Mindrum 
44 Wilcockson, Rebecca  2 Sep 1716Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut I17444 Mindrum 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baldwin / Beach  30 Dec 1730Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26900 Mindrum 
2 Beach / Beecher  31 Oct 1734Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26935 Mindrum 
3 Beach / Byington  16 Jun 1755Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26947 Mindrum 
4 Beach / Clark  26 May 1743Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26937 Mindrum 
5 Beach / Cook  26 Nov 1713Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26927 Mindrum 
6 Beach / Curtis  29 Sep 1713Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26720 Mindrum 
7 Beach / Holt  15 Oct 1739Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26936 Mindrum 
8 Beach / How  26 Oct 1721Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26857 Mindrum 
9 Beach / Peck  12 May 1680Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26908 Mindrum 
10 Beach / Thompson  4 Oct 1733Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26930 Mindrum 
11 Beach / Tyler  21 Sep 1722Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26928 Mindrum 
12 Beach / Tyler  26 May 1726Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26929 Mindrum 
13 Benham / Merriman  17 Aug 1682Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12972 Mindrum 
14 Curtis / Abernathy  17 Jun 1723Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12202 Mindrum 
15 Curtis / Bartholomew  1 Oct 1741Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12204 Mindrum 
16 Curtis / Collins  14 Mar 1712Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12199 Mindrum 
17 Curtis / Frederick  3 Jan 1704/5Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12191 Mindrum 
18 Curtis / How  9 Jul 1702Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12203 Mindrum 
19 Curtis / Merriman  9 Jun 1674Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26725 Mindrum 
20 Hall / Curtis  11 May 1699Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12192 Mindrum 
21 Holt / Curtis  8 Jun 1709Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12197 Mindrum 
22 Hull / Keeler  21 Sep 1699Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F9933 Mindrum 
23 Johnson / Curtis  1 Mar 1716Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12200 Mindrum 
24 Lewis / Merriman  2 Dec 1685Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12979 Mindrum 
25 Melick / Urban  24 Mar 1934Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F15787 Mindrum 
26 Merriman / Lines  28 Mar 1683Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12953 Mindrum 
27 Merriman / Peck  20 Nov 1690Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12973 Mindrum 
28 Merriman / Preston  9 Jul 1690Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12954 Mindrum 
29 Munson / Preston  18 Mar 1708Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12978 Mindrum 
30 Parker / Beach  19 Nov 1751Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26946 Mindrum 
31 Parker / Curtis  17 Jun 1705Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12195 Mindrum 
32 Preston / Wilcockson  31 Jan 1704Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12104 Mindrum 
33 Royce / Beach  23 Oct 1723Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26932 Mindrum 
34 Royce / Beach  28 Sep 1724Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26931 Mindrum 
35 Royce / Porter  2 Jun 1692Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F27199 Mindrum 
36 Royce / Wilcockson  26 May 1701Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F12107 Mindrum 
37 Tooke / Powers  Mar 1947Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F11169 Mindrum 
38 Tyler / Beach  7 Apr 1731Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut F26933 Mindrum