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First/Given Name(s):


Princeton, Mercer, Missouri



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alley, Charles Olin  Abt 1877Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33634
2 Alley, Edgar Eugene  23 Sep 1888Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33359
3 Alley, Urania M.  24 Mar 1890Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33636
4 Arnote, Marilyn Anetia  15 Aug 1933Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33551
5 Coon, Charles Miller  10 Jul 1915Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32562
6 Finn, Francis Edward  26 Jul 1886Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33392
7 Finn, James Terrance  14 Dec 1884Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33391
8 Finn, Joseph James  3 Sep 1855Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33390
9 Girdner, Albert M.  25 Jul 1905Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32623
10 Girdner, Andrew Jackson  25 Jul 1905Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32622
11 Girdner, Claude Lester  3 Jul 1888Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32903
12 Girdner, Katherine Jane  21 Aug 1907Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32624
13 Girdner, Robert Richard  26 Feb 1884Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32553
14 Harper, Ralph Eugene  8 Feb 1888Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32688
15 Kauffman, Mary Ellen  12 Feb 1923Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33116
16 Logan, Howard Earl  3 Apr 1889Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33355
17 Logan, James Evermint  15 Mar 1852Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21479
18 Logan, Jesse Eugene  1 Jan 1910Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33368
19 Logan, Lucy Frances  13 Feb 1856Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21481
20 McDonald, Philip Coleman  10 Jun 1884Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33639
21 McDonald, Philip Coleman  5 Feb 1912Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33640
22 McMahon, Frantie M.  2 Sep 1887Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32621
23 Neill, Vernon Jones  14 Jun 1911Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33522


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ethel E.  Mar 1976Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32684
2 Alley, Louis Virgil  6 Feb 1954Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33632
3 Arnote, Cheryl  1 Dec 1948Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33581
4 Arnote, Marvin Hubert  Jan 1986Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33497
5 Arnote, Owen Neill  4 Nov 1958Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33490
6 Beverage, Cleveland Pete  28 Feb 1970Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33203
7 Boyd, Fred Eugene  Apr 1969Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32683
8 Boyd, John M.  1 Oct 1932Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21444
9 Coon, Jacob Henry "Jake"  18 Dec 1941Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33165
10 Coon, Perry Price  Jan 1973Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32560
11 Covey, Kathryn Mildred  11 Oct 2001Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33186
12 Duncan, Jon Roy  16 Aug 1975Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33672
13 Fair, Della "Dollie"  Mar 1985Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33595
14 Girdner, Alida Ishmael  Abt 1911Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33670
15 Girdner, Andrew Jackson  25 Mar 1991Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32622
16 Girdner, Ella Leila  10 Apr 1952Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21466
17 Girdner, George R.  Aug 1986Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32629
18 Girdner, Jennie A.  15 Apr 1915Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32665
19 Girdner, John R.  1943Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21407
20 Girdner, Joseph L.  1926Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21417
21 Girdner, Robert Richard  4 Mar 1956Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32553
22 Girdner, Sarah Jane  29 Jan 1940Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21443
23 Girdner, Thomas Earl  20 Oct 1981Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32625
24 Logan, Huldah Evaline "Huldy"  18 Jun 1926Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I21483
25 Logan, Jessie M.  20 Dec 1968Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33694
26 Miller, Bessie M.  29 Jan 1988Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32561
27 Miller, Otto G.  Jul 1986Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32558
28 Minshall, Etta Martha  4 Mar 1938Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33164
29 Moss, Mollie Frances Fannie  9 Nov 1979Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33489
30 Perry, Mary Ann  17 Aug 1949Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I32542
31 Thogmartin, Pearl  Jun 1976Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33600


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mason, Logan  21 Feb 1968Princeton, Mercer, Missouri I33373


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coon / Miller  1 Sep 1912Princeton, Mercer, Missouri F22302
2 Duncan / Girdner  30 Sep 1898Princeton, Mercer, Missouri F23083
3 Girdner / McMahon  23 Nov 1902Princeton, Mercer, Missouri F22297
4 Mason / Summers  17 May 1936Princeton, Mercer, Missouri F22883
5 Minshall / Owens  9 Oct 1929Princeton, Mercer, Missouri F22764