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First/Given Name(s):


Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calkins, Deloris G.  13 Oct 1943Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18279
2 Keeler, Charles Calvin  14 Dec 1958Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18395
3 Keeler, Charles Wesley  4 Jun 1930Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18209
4 Keeler, Donald Eugene  10 Mar 1933Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18204
5 Keeler, Emil Jay  25 Sep 1928Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18293
6 Keeler, Floyd James  16 Oct 1928Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18208
7 Keeler, R. L.  2 May 1921Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14345
8 Keeler, Shirley Rae  21 May 1946Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17368
9 McEnany, Patricia Joann  10 Jan 1934Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18276
10 Ross, Ivan Wayne  18 Oct 1922Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18274
11 Waltimyer, Monica Sue  28 Mar 1951Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I32613


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Keeler, Bernice Louise  8 Jul 2008Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18355
2 Keeler, Charles Wesley  24 Jul 1933Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18209
3 Keeler, Chester Otis  17 May 1969Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14335
4 Keeler, Donald Eugene  31 Mar 2000Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18204
5 Keeler, Elmer Nelson  5 Oct 1998Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18200
6 Keeler, Eunice May  Feb 1983Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18196
7 Keeler, Forrest Edgar  1 Dec 1960Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14339
8 Keeler, Francis Fannie Ethel  Abt 1952Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14331
9 Keeler, George Elmer  9 Jun 1987Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14321
10 Keeler, Joseph Edgar  13 Nov 1934Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I27158
11 Keeler, Loretta Bell  3 May 2004Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17362
12 Keeler, Otis Duane  20 Sep 1986Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17361
13 Keeler, R. L.  3 Feb 1922Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I14345
14 Keeler, Shirley Rae  21 May 1946Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17368
15 McEnany, Patricia Joann  30 Dec 2006Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18276
16 Murrell, Esta Martha  11 May 1991Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17360
17 Phillips, Jane Isabel  2 Aug 1991Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17333
18 Ross, Ivan Wayne  2 Nov 2004Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I18274
19 Sickler, Alice May  2 May 1971Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I17356
20 Waltimyer, Monica Sue  19 Nov 2007Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma I32613


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hunter / Keeler  26 Jul 1927Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F9975
2 Keeler / Calkins  16 Jun 1961Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F12576
3 Keeler / Essary  26 Jul 1927Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F9973
4 Keeler / McEnany  29 Jul 1955Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F12516
5 Keeler / Phillips  24 Dec 1933Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F9948
6 Keeler / Thurman  5 Aug 1963Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F12513
7 Stanton / Keeler  Abt 1969Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma F12053