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First/Given Name(s):


North Dakota



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Attie  Abt 1896North Dakota I11944 Mindrum 
2 Backster, Eloise Miriam  4 Dec 1924North Dakota I132 Mindrum 
3 Baker, Clyde  North Dakota I4810 Mindrum 
4 Dragland, Emma  Abt 1904North Dakota I3651 Mindrum 
5 Edenloff, Orville Burtram  26 Aug 1915North Dakota I434 Mindrum 
6 Ekern, Charles Olaus  18 Sep 1910North Dakota I4840 Mindrum 
7 Grothe, Enga Olive  28 Sep 1890North Dakota I37723 Mindrum 
8 Grothe, Howard Wesley  6 Nov 1898North Dakota I37726 Mindrum 
9 Grothe, John Alfred  14 Feb 1892North Dakota I37724 Mindrum 
10 Haltom, Isaac H.  3 Oct 1903North Dakota I9770 Mindrum 
11 Hanson, Lyle B.  1932North Dakota I5979 Mindrum 
12 Jacobson, Joseph L.  16 May 1919North Dakota I3854 Mindrum 
13 Jacobson, Joseph Leonard  22 Mar 1917North Dakota I11948 Mindrum 
14 Johnstad, Lillian  1894North Dakota I33423 Mindrum 
15 Klein, Huber  Apr 1898North Dakota I26658 Mindrum 
16 Knutson, Allen W.  Abt 1912North Dakota I37776 Mindrum 
17 Knutson, Emer Truman  24 Jun 1918North Dakota I5332 Mindrum 
18 Knutson, Lillian E.  Abt 1910North Dakota I37775 Mindrum 
19 Knutson, Raymond  Abt 1913North Dakota I37777 Mindrum 
20 Lebacken, Warner Atlanter  Oct 1889North Dakota I973 Mindrum 
21 Lee, Allan Lloyd  Abt 1918North Dakota I2548 Mindrum 
22 Manning, Arthur  Abt 1905North Dakota I7953 Mindrum 
23 Manning, Delores  30 Mar 1923North Dakota I33340 Mindrum 
24 Manning, Jessie  Abt 1901North Dakota I7950 Mindrum 
25 Manning, Mable  Abt 1901North Dakota I7951 Mindrum 
26 Manning, Walter  1903North Dakota I7952 Mindrum 
27 Martin, Marjorie  23 Nov 1901North Dakota I33339 Mindrum 
28 Moe, Marie Clara  25 Feb 1887North Dakota I40634 Mindrum 
29 Montgomery, William Wilder  26 Nov 1919North Dakota I4422 Mindrum 
30 Odenthal, Lorraine Verlie  30 Jan 1917North Dakota I4527 Mindrum 
31 Olmstead, Ardys Ione  7 Sep 1918North Dakota I13000 Mindrum 
32 Olmstead, Wallace Mann  Abt 1894North Dakota I12993 Mindrum 
33 Olson, Dorothy May  13 May 1928North Dakota I1462 Mindrum 
34 Olson, Herbert Francis  31 Oct 1922North Dakota I1473 Mindrum 
35 Olson, Phyllis Harriet  18 Jan 1925North Dakota I1496 Mindrum 
36 Olson, Reynold John  17 Apr 1934North Dakota I1499 Mindrum 
37 Overland, Oscar Julius  18 Jul 1888North Dakota I36934 Mindrum 
38 Roob, Ambrose P.  3 Mar 1908North Dakota I26687 Mindrum 
39 Roob, Florence P.  26 Aug 1912North Dakota I26688 Mindrum 
40 Roob, Joseph N.  Abt 1915North Dakota I26689 Mindrum 
41 Westby, Berger T.  18 Dec 1919North Dakota I40643 Mindrum 
42 Westby, Bernice  16 Feb 1923North Dakota I40637 Mindrum 
43 Westby, Gladys Alvina  29 Sep 1922North Dakota I40644 Mindrum 
44 Wright, Robert H.  24 Dec 1922North Dakota I12986 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Manning, Walter  1944North Dakota I7952 Mindrum