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New York, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna Geraldine  30 Apr 1923New York, New York I38643
2 Phyllis  1914New York, New York I19046
3 Allee, Eliza  28 Apr 1811New York, New York I29407
4 Allee, James  15 Jun 1813New York, New York I29414
5 Avery, Mary  27 Dec 1829New York, New York I29739
6 Bronson, Fred E.  Apr 1860New York, New York I36936
7 Dills, Elizabeth E.  23 May 1868New York, New York I37121
8 Ely, Catharine Isabella  11 Mar 1810New York, New York I28935
9 Fagan, Austin Thomas  13 Apr 1912New York, New York I34389
10 Fleming, Carrie Irene  3 Dec 1885New York, New York I37689
11 Healy, Clara  New York, New York I28169
12 Healy, Nancy  New York, New York I28171
13 Hunt, Anna Elizabeth  New York, New York I30160
14 Hunt, Charles Augustus  25 Dec 1830New York, New York I30158
15 Jost, Charles  11 Dec 1882New York, New York I15098
16 Keeler, Alfred  12 Mar 1813New York, New York I29654
17 Keeler, Catherine  New York, New York I29668
18 Keeler, Jeremiah  8 Aug 1817New York, New York I29659
19 Keeler, John  17 Mar 1805New York, New York I29645
20 Keeler, John  4 Sep 1808New York, New York I29649
21 Keeler, Lewis  New York, New York I29666
22 Keeler, Lewis  28 Feb 1782New York, New York I27705
23 Keeler, Lewis H.  27 Feb 1804New York, New York I29644
24 Keeler, Mary  2 Jul 1796New York, New York I27712
25 Keeler, Mary  28 Dec 1814New York, New York I29655
26 Keeler, Nathan  25 Nov 1811New York, New York I29652
27 Keeler, Samuel B.  New York, New York I29671
28 Keeler, Sarah  2 Feb 1794New York, New York I27711
29 Keeler, Sarah Ann  4 Mar 1810New York, New York I29650
30 Keeler, Stephen  24 Oct 1806New York, New York I29646
31 Keeler, Thaddeus  2 Nov 1787New York, New York I27710
32 Keeler, Thaddeus  14 Feb 1816New York, New York I29657
33 Keeler, William  New York, New York I29667
34 Keyser, Nellie  New York, New York I29777
35 Mallon, John Stephen "Johnny"  Dec 1888New York, New York I15094
36 Marvin, Madeleine  26 Dec 1915New York, New York I16858
37 Marvin, Mary Margaret Elizabeth  12 Oct 1912New York, New York I16845
38 McAlpine, Margaret  27 Dec 1806New York, New York I28926
39 O'Brien, Timothy Francis  7 Sep 1925New York, New York I12561
40 Ritter, Catharine O.  3 May 1820New York, New York I29676
41 Ritter, Mary  14 Apr 1818New York, New York I29674
42 Ritter, Sarah  14 Apr 1816New York, New York I29673
43 Rockwell, David R.  New York, New York I28823
44 Rockwell, Eliza  25 May 1815New York, New York I28881
45 Rockwell, Elizabeth F. 2nd  6 Mar 1837New York, New York I31224
46 Rockwell, Elizabeth Fisher  Mar 1835New York, New York I31223
47 Rockwell, Dr. Henry B. Jr.  22 Nov 1855New York, New York I31307
48 Rockwell, James Dustan  14 Feb 1830New York, New York I31221
49 Rockwell, Joel Lawrence  29 Aug 1826New York, New York I31217
50 Rockwell, Julia Fenton  25 Oct 1842New York, New York I31242

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Seymour  11 Mar 1851New York, New York I28991
2 Arnold, Jerusha  DecNew York, New York I28367
3 Arnold, Rachel  DecNew York, New York I28366
4 Bangs, Nathan  3 May 1862New York, New York I27882
5 Bolton, Mary  16 May 1864New York, New York I27883
6 Bouton, Charles  19 Jan 1850New York, New York I28028
7 Bush, Prescott Sheldon  8 Oct 1972New York, New York I39236
8 Canning, Richard  DecNew York, New York I12797
9 Crissey, Bethia  17 Jul 1812New York, New York I18138
10 Davis, Esther  Aug 1891New York, New York I29015
11 Fearon, Elizabeth  22 Nov 1868New York, New York I19833
12 Foley, Eileen  11 Sep 2018New York, New York I13011
13 Force, Nancy  18 Nov 1864New York, New York I28951
14 Forrester, Hiram Mead  New York, New York I29010
15 Forrester, Sarah/Sally  5 Oct 1888New York, New York I27533
16 Gage, Luke  28 Apr 1858New York, New York I29798
17 Gilbert, Clinton  9 Nov 1924New York, New York I13874
18 Gray, William Bennet  28 Dec 1876New York, New York I28939
19 Horton, Francis A.  16 Sep 1866New York, New York I28864
20 Jerome, Jeanett James  15 Mar 1947New York, New York I14898
21 Keeler, Amos  New York, New York I27034
22 Keeler, Ann Maria  1 Oct 1834New York, New York I29824
23 Keeler, Jeremiah  22 Nov 1850New York, New York I27707
24 Keeler, Lewis  DecNew York, New York I29666
25 Keeler, Nathan  5 Nov 1826New York, New York I26750
26 Keeler, Rufus DeWitt  28 Jan 1879New York, New York I29058
27 Keeler, Samuel B.  1852New York, New York I29671
28 Keeler, Sarah  13 Mar 1819New York, New York I27711
29 Keeler, Thaddeus  18 Nov 1813New York, New York I27710
30 Keeler, William  DecNew York, New York I29667
31 Loder, Jeremiah  6 Jun 1834New York, New York I29491
32 Mixer, Charles W.  9 Aug 1972New York, New York I16830
33 Nash, Polly  16 Jan 1865New York, New York I28027
34 Nichols, Rebecca  5 Dec 1849New York, New York I26751
35 Peck, Henry William  26 Jul 1864New York, New York I28287
36 Peck, John Lyman  6 Feb 1887New York, New York I28295
37 Perry, Commodore Matthew C.  4 Mar 1858New York, New York I14783
38 Place, Mary  DecNew York, New York I27708
39 Raymond, Edson  New York, New York I13345
40 Ritter, Gilbert  New York, New York I27713
41 Ritter, Mary  29 Nov 1858New York, New York I29674
42 Ritter, Sarah  Abt 1828New York, New York I29673
43 Roberts, George R.  9 Oct 1870New York, New York I30226
44 Rockwell, Dr. Benjamin  1 Apr 1815New York, New York I27209
45 Rockwell, Elizabeth Fisher  4 Apr 1837New York, New York I31223
46 Rockwell, Percy  1892New York, New York I31305
47 Rockwell, Stephen  New York, New York I27478
48 Rockwell, Thomas  1 Feb 1823New York, New York I24543
49 Rundle, Henry  22 Nov 1845New York, New York I29870
50 Stebbins, Charles  12 Apr 1835New York, New York I28013

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Boughton, James  4 Sep 1842New York, New York I29080


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benedict / Boland  New York, New York F19191
2 Boughton / Goodell  15 Aug 1860New York, New York F19979
3 Canning / Eggan  1936New York, New York F8885
4 Colbenson / Parker  6 Mar 1952New York, New York F8649
5 Ferry / Ritter  Jul 1856New York, New York F20361
6 Frost / Keeler  24 Apr 1844New York, New York F20239
7 Hunt / Kissam  New York, New York F17075
8 Hunt / Tirney  31 May 1862New York, New York F20670
9 Keeler / Austin  27 Nov 1862New York, New York F20558
10 Keeler / Sparks  7 Jul 1850New York, New York F20352
11 Keeler / Tice  New York, New York F20354
12 Kellogg / Osborn  New York, New York F20367
13 Marvin / Farquarson  17 Mar 1912New York, New York F11671
14 Parsons / Kellogg  1863New York, New York F20370
15 Rockwell / White  31 Oct 1853New York, New York F17281
16 Smith / Fish  19 May 1839New York, New York F19654
17 Waltman / Ukkestad  14 Oct 1953New York, New York F22089
18 Wildman / McAlpine  8 Jan 1829New York, New York F19889