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First/Given Name(s):


Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haquin, Anne  26 Feb 1859Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I17056 Mindrum 
2 Haquin, Elisabeth  13 Mar 1861Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37919 Mindrum 
3 Haquin, Josephine  9 Jul 1865Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37995 Mindrum 
4 Haquin, Lucas  13 Feb 1863Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37994 Mindrum 
5 Harker, Antoine Anthony Tony  14 Apr 1870Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I20096 Mindrum 
6 Harker, Peter  12 May 1857Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I22623 Mindrum 
7 Roeder, Anne Marie  1 Jun 1846Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37933 Mindrum 
8 Venandy, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1836Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I21759 Mindrum 
9 Wenandy, Anne  16 Jan 1908Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I38193 Mindrum 
10 Wenandy, Nicolas  3 Mar 1877Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I38191 Mindrum 
11 Wenandy, Susanne  11 Sep 1879Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I38195 Mindrum 
12 Winandy, Anne  22 May 1875Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I40789 Mindrum 
13 Winandy, Marie  11 Feb 1873Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I38187 Mindrum 
14 Winandy, Pierre  Abt 1777Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37938 Mindrum 
15 Winandy, Pierre  2 Apr 1807Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37930 Mindrum 
16 Winandy, Pierre  24 Aug 1841Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37932 Mindrum 
17 Winandy, Pierre  21 Nov 1871Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I40788 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haquin, Michel  23 Feb 1874Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I21758 Mindrum 
2 Lakaff, Marguerite  11 Mar 1835Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37939 Mindrum 
3 Roeder, Anne Marie  8 Dec 1919Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37933 Mindrum 
4 Venandy, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1872Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I21759 Mindrum 
5 Wagner, Anne Marie  13 Mar 1854Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37931 Mindrum 
6 Winandy, Pierre  11 Apr 1856Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37938 Mindrum 
7 Winandy, Pierre  26 Mar 1871Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37930 Mindrum 
8 Winandy, Pierre  30 Jan 1887Moestroff, Diekirch, Luxembourg I37932 Mindrum