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First/Given Name(s):





Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Charolette  Abt 1869Indiana I24894 Mindrum 
2 Ella  Abt 1852Indiana I21738 Mindrum 
3 Emma  Abt 1867Indiana I32620 Mindrum 
4 Anderson, John N.  25 Dec 1812Indiana I38978 Mindrum 
5 Anderson, Rebecca  14 Jan 1825Indiana I38976 Mindrum 
6 Bennington, James M.  20 May 1826Indiana I39093 Mindrum 
7 Bone, Flora Jeanette  3 Aug 1891Indiana I34023 Mindrum 
8 Brooner, Henry  4 Nov 1863Indiana I17775 Mindrum 
9 Brosius, Lillian Grace  Abt 1902Indiana I24643 Mindrum 
10 Buckley, Marie Geraldine  31 Aug 1895Indiana I17275 Mindrum 
11 Butcher, Myrtle M.  13 Mar 1872Indiana I17241 Mindrum 
12 Carter, Elmira Myra Florence  12 Aug 1859Indiana I13594 Mindrum 
13 Dean, Emma  Abt 1870Indiana I17231 Mindrum 
14 Eads, Alwilda Dixon  1854Indiana I20695 Mindrum 
15 Hair, Harriet  1853Indiana I24340 Mindrum 
16 Hair, Stowell  1857Indiana I24341 Mindrum 
17 Lay, Walter  1872Indiana I25656 Mindrum 
18 Layman, Margaret A.  Indiana I34008 Mindrum 
19 Leach, Robert  17 Jun 1909Indiana I17236 Mindrum 
20 McClure, Helen  21 May 1896Indiana I15331 Mindrum 
21 McPheeters, Sylvester Francis  Abt 1858Indiana I23641 Mindrum 
22 Meck, Henry J.  Dec 1864Indiana I17223 Mindrum 
23 Meginnis, Rev. Solomon S.  Abt 1837Indiana I17915 Mindrum 
24 Misener, Henry Fletcher  12 Dec 1837Indiana I34005 Mindrum 
25 Ness, Jacob  Abt 1893Indiana I32328 Mindrum 
26 Notestine, George Arthman  11 Oct 1874Indiana I17786 Mindrum 
27 Pivler, Sarah Catherine "Kate"  27 Mar 1853Indiana I21395 Mindrum 
28 Short, Florence Roetta  19 Aug 1863Indiana I32353 Mindrum 
29 Smith, George R.  11 Aug 1857Indiana I17347 Mindrum 
30 Smith, Mary M.  Abt 1858Indiana I33467 Mindrum 
31 Sparks, Mary E.  1 Apr 1858Indiana I34643 Mindrum 
32 Stockwell, Amelia J.  1846Indiana I36573 Mindrum 
33 Thomas, Jemima  Jan 1844Indiana I24325 Mindrum 
34 Winkler, Tabitha  Abt 1825Indiana I21172 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bone, Flora Jeanette  1 Aug 1983Indiana I34023 Mindrum 
2 Dauchy, Lucy  Indiana I14418 Mindrum 
3 Johnson, Fred  17 Sep 1945Indiana I22442 Mindrum 
4 Keeler, Herman  Indiana I27264 Mindrum 
5 Keeler, Wallace Dann  18 Jan 1870Indiana I29166 Mindrum