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Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Abraham  6 Sep 1650Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39930 Mindrum 
2 Adams, Avis  Abt 1702Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40598 Mindrum 
3 Adams, Johanna  Abt 1700Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40597 Mindrum 
4 Adams, Mary  Abt 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13374 Mindrum 
5 Adams, Nathaniel  Abt 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40600 Mindrum 
6 Adams, Ruth  Abt 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40595 Mindrum 
7 Adams, Stephen  Abt 1708Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40601 Mindrum 
8 Adams, Susanna  Abt 1688Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40226 Mindrum 
9 Baldwin, Samuel  Abt 1655Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39429 Mindrum 
10 Bangs, Hannah  Abt 1786Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27891 Mindrum 
11 Bangs, Herman  15 Apr 1790Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27894 Mindrum 
12 Bangs, Priscilla  20 Jul 1787Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27892 Mindrum 
13 Bennett, Lt. James  Abt 1645Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17897 Mindrum 
14 Bennett, James  Abt 1668Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39587 Mindrum 
15 Bennett, James  6 Aug 1675Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40399 Mindrum 
16 Bennett, John  Abt 1648Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39581 Mindrum 
17 Bennett, Mary  20 Jan 1651/2Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39582 Mindrum 
18 Bennett, Sarah  Abt 1654Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39583 Mindrum 
19 Bennett, Capt. Thomas  Abt 1669Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17894 Mindrum 
20 French, Samuel  Abt 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39169 Mindrum 
21 Guire, Ebenezer  Abt 1693Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39834 Mindrum 
22 Guire, Ebenezer  Abt 1718Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39840 Mindrum 
23 Guire, Hannah  Abt 1697Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39810 Mindrum 
24 Guire, Helena  Abt 1691Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39833 Mindrum 
25 Guire, John  Abt Jul 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39838 Mindrum 
26 Guire, Luke  Abt 1689Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13373 Mindrum 
27 Guire, Mary  Abt 1695Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39835 Mindrum 
28 Guire, Sarah  12 Nov 1712Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13372 Mindrum 
29 Hoyt, Benjamin  2 Feb 1644/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39202 Mindrum 
30 Hubbell, James  Abt 1674Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14279 Mindrum 
31 Hull, Huldah  16 Aug 1764Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I18477 Mindrum 
32 Jackson, Rebecca  10 May 1674Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40704 Mindrum 
33 Jennings, Gregory  4 May 1832Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I29128 Mindrum 
34 Odell, Deborah  28 Aug 1682Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39868 Mindrum 
35 Odell, Elizabeth  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39862 Mindrum 
36 Odell, Hannah  20 Oct 1679Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39865 Mindrum 
37 Odell, John  Abt 1666Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39861 Mindrum 
38 Odell, Martha  1695Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40025 Mindrum 
39 Odell, Mary  Abt 1693Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39870 Mindrum 
40 Odell, Rebecca  Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39791 Mindrum 
41 Odell, Samuel  10 Mar 1677Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39864 Mindrum 
42 Osborn, David  Abt 1686Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40436 Mindrum 
43 Osborn, Elizabeth  Abt 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40441 Mindrum 
44 Osborn, Hannah  26 Jul 1677Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40410 Mindrum 
45 Osborn, John  Abt 1683Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40435 Mindrum 
46 Osborn, Joseph  Abt 1692Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40440 Mindrum 
47 Osborn, Samuel  Abt 1680Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40428 Mindrum 
48 Osborn, Sarah  Abt 1689Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40437 Mindrum 
49 Rumsey, Abigail  Abt 1680Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40442 Mindrum 
50 Rumsey, Benjamin  Abt 1667Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40510 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  Bef 25 Feb 1684/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40434 Mindrum 
2 Sarah  Aug 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40182 Mindrum 
3 Adams, Abraham  9 Aug 1729Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39930 Mindrum 
4 Adams, Edward  Bef 11 Nov 1671Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39839 Mindrum 
5 Adams, Mary  Bef 10 Jun 1767Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13374 Mindrum 
6 Adams, Nathan  Bef 6 Feb 1749/50Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39933 Mindrum 
7 Adams, Ruth  13 Jun 1775Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40595 Mindrum 
8 Adams, Samuel  Bef 10 Feb 1693/4Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39929 Mindrum 
9 Adams, Stephen  5 Nov 1794Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40601 Mindrum 
10 Andrews, Francis  Bef 5 Mar 1662/3Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17860 Mindrum 
11 Baldwin, Nathaniel  Bef 19 Oct 1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39161 Mindrum 
12 Bangs, Hannah  Sep 1786Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27891 Mindrum 
13 Barlow, Elizabeth  Bef 13 Aug 1686Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40431 Mindrum 
14 Barlow, John  Bef 9 Jun 1674Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40432 Mindrum 
15 Bennett, Hannah  29 Oct 1650Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39579 Mindrum 
16 Bennett, James  Bef 12 Apr 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17899 Mindrum 
17 Bennett, Lt. James  Bef 6 Oct 1736Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17897 Mindrum 
18 Bennett, Thomas  Bef 17 Jun 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39580 Mindrum 
19 Dickerson, Thomas  Bef 11 Sep 1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40865 Mindrum 
20 Frost, Daniel  Bef 15 Dec 1684Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40413 Mindrum 
21 Frost, William  Aft 6 Jan 1644Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40433 Mindrum 
22 Gold, Nathan  Bef 29 Mar 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40321 Mindrum 
23 Guire, Luke  10 May 1751Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13373 Mindrum 
24 Halsey, Ann  Bef 20 Oct 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17902 Mindrum 
25 Hubbell, Richard  Bef 3 Sep 1699Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39329 Mindrum 
26 Hull, George  Dec Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40183 Mindrum 
27 Jackson, Henry  Bef 21 Jun 1686Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40688 Mindrum 
28 Jackson, John  Bef 11 Nov 1689Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40689 Mindrum 
29 James, Joseph  Bef 17 Apr 1688Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I7274 Mindrum 
30 Knapp, Moses  Bef 17 Nov 1755Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40592 Mindrum 
31 Knowles, Alexander  Bef 8 Dec 1663Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40238 Mindrum 
32 Knowles, Joshua  26 Jan 1711/2Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40579 Mindrum 
33 Lockwood, Robert  Bef 11 Sep 1658Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39711 Mindrum 
34 Mindrum, James Anderson  27 Feb 2017Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I1153 Mindrum 
35 Morehouse, Daniel  24 May 1739Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40400 Mindrum 
36 Morehouse, Samuel  Bef 13 Mar 1687/8Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39878 Mindrum 
37 Northrop, Alvin J.  22 Sep 1980Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I30334 Mindrum 
38 Odell, Rebecca  Bef 11 Jan 1741/2Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39791 Mindrum 
39 Odell, William  Bef 12 Jun 1676Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39875 Mindrum 
40 Osborn, Capt. John  15 Jul 1709Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39584 Mindrum 
41 Osborn, John  13 Oct 1760Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40435 Mindrum 
42 Osborn, Joseph  1731Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40440 Mindrum 
43 Osborn, Samuel  Bef 7 Apr 1752Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40428 Mindrum 
44 Osborne, Mary  28 Nov 1726Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I38530 Mindrum 
45 Phippen, Joseph  1733Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40297 Mindrum 
46 Rumsey, Abigail  5 Aug 1724Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40442 Mindrum 
47 Rumsey, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1752Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40519 Mindrum 
48 Rumsey, Rachel  14 Jun 1738Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40515 Mindrum 
49 Rumsey, Robert  Bef 20 Nov 1712Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40411 Mindrum 
50 Seeley, Benjamin  5 Sep 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17452 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Abigail  24 Feb 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40397 Mindrum 
2 Adams, Abraham  9 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39930 Mindrum 
3 Adams, Avis  29 Nov 1702Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40598 Mindrum 
4 Adams, Deborah  20 Jan 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40394 Mindrum 
5 Adams, Elizabeth  24 Feb 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40398 Mindrum 
6 Adams, Ganda Candey  23 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40591 Mindrum 
7 Adams, Hannah  20 Jan 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40395 Mindrum 
8 Adams, Johanna  1 Sep 1700Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40597 Mindrum 
9 Adams, Mary  24 Feb 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40396 Mindrum 
10 Adams, Mary  2 Oct 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13374 Mindrum 
11 Adams, Nathan  23 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39816 Mindrum 
12 Adams, Nathaniel  23 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40590 Mindrum 
13 Adams, Nathaniel  1 Oct 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40600 Mindrum 
14 Adams, Ruth  11 Oct 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40595 Mindrum 
15 Adams, Susanna  24 Feb 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40226 Mindrum 
16 Fountain, Aaron  5 Jun 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40776 Mindrum 
17 Fountain, Hannah  5 Jun 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40779 Mindrum 
18 Fountain, Moses  5 Jun 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40777 Mindrum 
19 Fountain, Samuel  29 May 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40780 Mindrum 
20 French, Samuel  2 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39169 Mindrum 
21 Guire, Ebenezer  18 Apr 1697Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39834 Mindrum 
22 Guire, Ebenezer  27 Apr 1718Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39840 Mindrum 
23 Guire, Hannah  18 Apr 1697Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39810 Mindrum 
24 Guire, Helena  18 Apr 1697Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39833 Mindrum 
25 Guire, Joanna  28 Feb 1719/20Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39841 Mindrum 
26 Guire, John  21 Aug 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39838 Mindrum 
27 Guire, Luke  14 Jun 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13373 Mindrum 
28 Guire, Mary  14 Jun 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39835 Mindrum 
29 Guire, Sarah  23 Nov 1712Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I13372 Mindrum 
30 James, Mary  23 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I39939 Mindrum 
31 Osborn, Elizabeth  24 May 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40441 Mindrum 
32 Rumsey, Abigail  26 Dec 1703Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40442 Mindrum 
33 Rumsey, Elizabeth  4 Oct 1702Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40519 Mindrum 
34 Rumsey, Hannah  30 Aug 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40605 Mindrum 
35 Rumsey, Isaac  12 Jun 1698Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40607 Mindrum 
36 Rumsey, Sarah  30 Aug 1696Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40404 Mindrum 
37 Smith, Samuel Jr.  24 Feb 1694/5Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40670 Mindrum 
38 Squire, Abigail  12 Sep 1742Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40507 Mindrum 
39 Squire, Benjamin  15 Jun 1707Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40494 Mindrum 
40 Squire, Benjamin  1 Jul 1722Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40499 Mindrum 
41 Squire, David  26 Jun 1720Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40498 Mindrum 
42 Squire, Hannah  25 Feb 1725/6Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40504 Mindrum 
43 Squire, John  16 Apr 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40224 Mindrum 
44 Squire, John  7 Dec 1718Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40497 Mindrum 
45 Squire, Joseph  16 Apr 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40486 Mindrum 
46 Squire, Nathan  28 Feb 1730/1Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40506 Mindrum 
47 Squire, Rebecca  17 Jun 1705Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40493 Mindrum 
48 Squire, Samuel  16 Apr 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40490 Mindrum 
49 Squire, Sarah  16 Apr 1704Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40492 Mindrum 
50 Sturges, Benjamin  30 Dec 1694Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I40594 Mindrum 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Finch  17 Oct 1727Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27663 Mindrum 
2 Bennett / Joy  Abt 1667Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F12549 Mindrum 
3 Bennett / Whidden  22 Jan 1705/6Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F26989 Mindrum 
4 Bradley / Barlow  Abt 1661Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27582 Mindrum 
5 Ferris / Odell  1710Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27275 Mindrum 
6 Forman / Hoyt  25 Mar 1662Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F26739 Mindrum 
7 Godwin / Smith  21 Feb 1651/2Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27735 Mindrum 
8 Hall / Knapp  16 Jan 1666/7Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27080 Mindrum 
9 Hoyt / Brundish  Abt 1659Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F26731 Mindrum 
10 Hubbell / Gaylord  Abt 1669Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F26717 Mindrum 
11 Hubbell / Morehouse  5 Nov 1685Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F9911 Mindrum 
12 Jackson / Hyatt  24 Oct 1672Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27715 Mindrum 
13 Mills / Fountain  2 Oct 1702Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27786 Mindrum 
14 Squire / Jennings  19 Nov 1718 or 1719Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27588 Mindrum 
15 Squire / Rumsey  Abt 1717Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27426 Mindrum 
16 Sturges / Adams  9 Feb 1715Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F27658 Mindrum 
17 Turney / Keeler  16 Nov 1671Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F9600 Mindrum 
18 Wakeman / Hubbell  24 Apr 1687Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F9916 Mindrum 
19 Wheeler / French  19 Dec 1754Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut F11998 Mindrum