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First/Given Name(s):


Chicago, Cook, Illinois



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Addis, Frank Donald  26 Feb 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois I33217 Mindrum 
2 Barley, Florence Augusta  1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30508 Mindrum 
3 Barley, Helen Anderson  10 May 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30507 Mindrum 
4 Blackmer, Richard Lee  14 Aug 1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15019 Mindrum 
5 Darr, Francis Marion Jr.  26 Sep 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34345 Mindrum 
6 Dauchy, Anne  9 Jul 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14163 Mindrum 
7 Dauchy, Elinor  20 Feb 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14161 Mindrum 
8 Dauchy, Elisabeth  17 Dec 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14160 Mindrum 
9 Dauchy, Marguerite  10 Jan 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14162 Mindrum 
10 Dauchy, Otis Burr  14 Sep 1869Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14156 Mindrum 
11 Eggen, Susan Elaine  7 Jun 1958Chicago, Cook, Illinois I12573 Mindrum 
12 Goyette, Evelina  31 Jul 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19559 Mindrum 
13 Goyette, William  22 Feb 1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19886 Mindrum 
14 Hagg, Arthur Harry  27 Sep 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19621 Mindrum 
15 Hanson, Bernard Gilmore  11 Jul 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37830 Mindrum 
16 Hayes, Shirley May  24 Apr 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37118 Mindrum 
17 Hedberg, Arthur C. Jr.  11 Apr 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34155 Mindrum 
18 Howard, Edna Alice  15 Dec 1877Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37015 Mindrum 
19 Howard, Edwin Warner  16 Mar 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37013 Mindrum 
20 Howard, Florence  31 Jul 1879Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37016 Mindrum 
21 Jirak, Frank A.  3 Aug 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois I25613 Mindrum 
22 Jones, Lillian Marian  10 Oct 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30646 Mindrum 
23 Kern, Donna Bowron  8 Oct 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19618 Mindrum 
24 Kern, Lois Abeline  10 Aug 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19617 Mindrum 
25 McCarthy, Margaret  14 Oct 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois I21195 Mindrum 
26 Medora, Michael John  16 Jun 1957Chicago, Cook, Illinois I10682 Mindrum 
27 Mixer, Charles Thomas  11 Mar 1868Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15925 Mindrum 
28 Olson, Chester Arthur  14 Feb 1924Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31500 Mindrum 
29 Piacenza, Robert John "Bob"  9 Jun 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I32308 Mindrum 
30 Wilhelm, Barbara  18 Jan 1914Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31501 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ainsworth, Mary Elizabeth  1951Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15698 Mindrum 
2 Baker, Mary Clarissa  1888Chicago, Cook, Illinois I28614 Mindrum 
3 Barlow, Elizabeth Ann  8 Nov 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I29381 Mindrum 
4 Burke, Sherman K.  1 Jul 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34373 Mindrum 
5 Cole, Margaret  30 Dec 1959Chicago, Cook, Illinois I32256 Mindrum 
6 Dauchy, Elinor  26 Nov 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14161 Mindrum 
7 Dauchy, George Kellogg  30 Jan 1912Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14154 Mindrum 
8 Drennan, Fred Miller  1950Chicago, Cook, Illinois I39056 Mindrum 
9 Farnsworth, John W.  29 Nov 1864Chicago, Cook, Illinois I35240 Mindrum 
10 Fish, Mary Ann  19 Sep 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois I28540 Mindrum 
11 Flanigan, Helen  15 Oct 1983Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24784 Mindrum 
12 Gass, Ernest Lucian  5 May 1924Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34601 Mindrum 
13 Gass, Harry Holdridge  8 Sep 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34602 Mindrum 
14 Goyette, William  22 Dec 1948Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19886 Mindrum 
15 Harker, Ferdinand F.  19 Nov 1981Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20522 Mindrum 
16 Haskins, Kayte E.  16 Jul 1949Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34613 Mindrum 
17 Hedberg, Christine  26 Aug 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois I40960 Mindrum 
18 Hedberg, Christopher Lee MD  23 Aug 2004Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19878 Mindrum 
19 Howard, John Lester  2 May 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36996 Mindrum 
20 Ingham, Lee  25 May 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20000 Mindrum 
21 Johnson, Evelyn M.  13 Dec 2004Chicago, Cook, Illinois I11485 Mindrum 
22 Keeler, Burr  30 Jun 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I29380 Mindrum 
23 Kern, Mabel Jessie  5 Jun 1946Chicago, Cook, Illinois I19603 Mindrum 
24 Linderholm, John  23 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois I40968 Mindrum 
25 Mindrum, Norman Christian  6 Jun 1995Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1195 Mindrum 
26 Olson, Arthur Ledge Ludvick  4 Feb 1981Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30347 Mindrum 
27 Otis, Lavinia  8 Dec 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14155 Mindrum 
28 Overland, Mary Marie  2 Jan 1950Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4537 Mindrum 
29 Ridings, Logan J.  25 Nov 1941Chicago, Cook, Illinois I10369 Mindrum 
30 Sodergren, Carl Henrik  14 May 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois I34030 Mindrum 
31 Way, Dorothy Anna  Jul 1965Chicago, Cook, Illinois I12513 Mindrum 
32 Wescott, Eugene Marion  1949Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30945 Mindrum 
33 Wilhelm, Barbara  4 May 1984Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31501 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ainsworth, Mary Elizabeth  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15698 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bower / McConnell  6 Nov 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois F16636 Mindrum 
2 Caddy / Furlan  Dec 1970Chicago, Cook, Illinois F25842 Mindrum 
3 Eggan / Rosenfels  29 Jun 1969Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8591 Mindrum 
4 Eggan / Way  9 Aug 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois F8590 Mindrum 
5 Huber / Klein  27 Dec 1907Chicago, Cook, Illinois F17667 Mindrum 
6 Kern / Goyette  14 Jan 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois F13491 Mindrum 
7 Mackimm / Ukkestad  25 Apr 1970Chicago, Cook, Illinois F22090 Mindrum 
8 Olson / Hayes  4 Jul 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois F21570 Mindrum 
9 Olson / Wilhelm  4 Mar 1934Chicago, Cook, Illinois F21571 Mindrum