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Butternuts, Otsego, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Botsford, Caroline E.  8 Jul 1840Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31290
2 Botsford, Ezra V.  30 Aug 1829Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31284
3 Botsford, Helen Eliza  2 Jul 1837Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31288
4 Botsford, Henry  5 Sep 1831Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31287
5 Botsford, Marcus D.  25 Aug 1842Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31292
6 Brewer, Ezra R.  15 Dec 1803Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24507
7 Fleming, Andrew M.  8 Nov 1829Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24519
8 Fleming, Darius  6 Oct 1830Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24521
9 Fleming, Elizabeth A.  12 Feb 1837Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24524
10 Fleming, Fanny C.  Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24526
11 Fleming, Harriet A.  1845Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24530
12 Fleming, John F.  6 Dec 1833Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24523
13 Hurlbutt, Charles A.  6 May 1838Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31298
14 Hurlbutt, Ezra B.  3 Aug 1847Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31299
15 Hurlbutt, Gould L.  25 Apr 1836Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31296
16 Hurlbutt, Henry R.  22 Jul 1834Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31294
17 Merchant, Eleanor  16 Jul 1809Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24492
18 Merchant, Olive  23 Sep 1816Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24497
19 Merchant, Paschal  6 Nov 1811Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24494
20 Myrick, Frank H.  1826Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31159
21 Nash, Elizabeth Olive  25 Jul 1840Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31198
22 Nash, Ellen Maria  3 May 1845Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31205
23 Nash, Gould Merchant  23 Feb 1847Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31207
24 Nash, Martin Marion  9 Oct 1844Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31203
25 Nash, Phebe Ann  30 Aug 1848Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31210
26 Nash, William Olmstead  9 Mar 1842Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31201
27 Platt, Benjamin S.  20 Mar 1818Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31103
28 Platt, Delia A.  20 Aug 1813Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31098
29 Platt, E. Ophelia  1 Oct 1811Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31096
30 Platt, L. Jane  9 Aug 1822Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31107
31 Platt, L. Juliette  20 Jan 1827Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31109
32 Platt, L. Paschal  7 Feb 1809Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31094
33 Platt, Leroy R.  8 May 1816Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31101
34 Platt, Nathan E.  4 Feb 1807Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31092
35 Platt, Nelson H.  4 Feb 1807Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31090
36 Platt, Rufus H.  19 Jan 1805Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31088
37 Platt, Slawson M.  1 Jul 1820Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31105
38 Rockwell, A. Ferdinand  17 Oct 1835Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31168
39 Rockwell, Abareen  26 Dec 1843Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31300
40 Rockwell, Abbyrene S.  21 Aug 1818Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31081
41 Rockwell, Adaline M.  21 Oct 1833Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31137
42 Rockwell, Alice Adelia  20 May 1821Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31131
43 Rockwell, Almon  22 Jan 1807Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24481
44 Rockwell, Alphonso P.  18 Oct 1841Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31176
45 Rockwell, Amos  29 Sep 1808Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24500
46 Rockwell, Ann Lucinda  Oct 1830Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31160
47 Rockwell, Anson  28 May 1805Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24479
48 Rockwell, Ashbel Ruggles Jr.  8 Sep 1822Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31119
49 Rockwell, Betsey  19 Sep 1800Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24483
50 Rockwell, Caroline L.  12 Jul 1830Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31122

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Botsford, Helen Eliza  6 Apr 1878Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31288
2 Moody, Augustus  12 Jan 1862Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31263
3 Platt, Leroy R.  4 Jan 1843Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31101
4 Platt, Peter  DecButternuts, Otsego, New York I24463
5 Rice, Arethusa  18 Jun 1874Butternuts, Otsego, New York I27890
6 Rockwell, Amos  25 May 1870Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24468
7 Rockwell, Benjamin  30 Oct 1835Butternuts, Otsego, New York I26995
8 Rockwell, Jabez Jr.  1837Butternuts, Otsego, New York I26833
9 Rockwell, James  9 Dec 1889Butternuts, Otsego, New York I31133
10 Rockwell, John  5 Mar 1867Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24513
11 Rockwell, Kezia  19 Mar 1865Butternuts, Otsego, New York I24462


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rockwell / George  Butternuts, Otsego, New York F18699