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First/Given Name(s):


Burnham, Howell, Missouri



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Frazee, Trixie Ellen  15 Jun 1908Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17773 Mindrum 
2 Hallett, Audie Webb  22 Jun 1903Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17819 Mindrum 
3 Hallett, Claud Alberta  29 Jun 1897Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17325 Mindrum 
4 Hallett, Everett Hurshel  10 Nov 1899Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17326 Mindrum 
5 Hallett, Homer Cecil  23 Apr 1908Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17710 Mindrum 
6 Hallett, Infant  8 Mar 1902Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17818 Mindrum 
7 Hallett, Isaac James  12 Jul 1889Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17322 Mindrum 
8 Hallett, James Ira  2 Jun 1892Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17308 Mindrum 
9 Hallett, Lena Maude  21 Dec 1886Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17809 Mindrum 
10 Hallett, Lorenzo  24 Nov 1871Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17297 Mindrum 
11 Hallett, Martha Ann "Annie"  6 Feb 1880Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17302 Mindrum 
12 Hallett, Myrtle May  13 Feb 1890Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17307 Mindrum 
13 Hallett, Rebecca E.  18 Jul 1884Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17808 Mindrum 
14 Hallett, William Owen  19 Feb 1895Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17324 Mindrum 
15 Keeler, Altha Ann  3 Apr 1891Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14320 Mindrum 
16 Keeler, Charles Nolan  24 Aug 1910Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14327 Mindrum 
17 Keeler, Curtis Albertis  4 Feb 1884Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14308 Mindrum 
18 Keeler, George Elmer  4 Jul 1893Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14321 Mindrum 
19 Keeler, Guy Earnest  17 Oct 1894Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14344 Mindrum 
20 Keeler, James Walter  28 Jan 1884Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14317 Mindrum 
21 Keeler, John Wesley  Nov 1880Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17327 Mindrum 
22 Keeler, Robert Jeptha  24 Aug 1888Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14319 Mindrum 
23 Keeler, Theodore W.  20 Apr 1886Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14318 Mindrum 
24 Smith, Nellie  9 Nov 1884Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17348 Mindrum 
25 Spence, James Elmer  16 Jan 1892Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17832 Mindrum 
26 Williamson, Dwight L.  28 Sep 1907Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17954 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hallett, Franklin  14 Jun 1893Burnham, Howell, Missouri I14294 Mindrum 
2 Hallett, Infant  14 Apr 1904Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17818 Mindrum 
3 Hallett, Isaac Benjamin  29 Sep 1889Burnham, Howell, Missouri I41090 Mindrum 
4 Hallett, Lena Maude  21 Jan 1889Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17809 Mindrum 
5 Hallett, Rebecca E.  18 Sep 1886Burnham, Howell, Missouri I17808 Mindrum 
6 Keeler, Mary Elizabeth  30 Oct 1901Burnham, Howell, Missouri I41089 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Keeler / Brown  30 Jul 1893Burnham, Howell, Missouri F9967 Mindrum 
2 Keeler / Hutchinson  17 Feb 1887Burnham, Howell, Missouri F9956 Mindrum