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First/Given Name(s):


Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dunning, Mehitabel  5 Apr 1814Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28303
2 Gray, William Bennet  29 Dec 1805Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28939
3 Keeler, Almon  24 Jun 1787Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27254
4 Keeler, Ann  28 Feb 1784Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27250
5 Keeler, Benjamin  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28245
6 Keeler, Betty  5 Mar 1779Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27243
7 Keeler, Caroline Elizabeth  18 Jun 1836Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28249
8 Keeler, Charlotte Maria  25 Sep 1844Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28254
9 Keeler, Clarissa  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28310
10 Keeler, Cornelia  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28242
11 Keeler, Czar  13 Oct 1782Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27248
12 Keeler, Delia Campbell  29 Dec 1838Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28251
13 Keeler, Ebenezer  Abt 1702Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I24937
14 Keeler, Ebenezer  Abt 1760Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I24954
15 Keeler, Eli  16 Sep 1785Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27252
16 Keeler, Ezra W.  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28308
17 Keeler, Frederick  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28304
18 Keeler, George B.  1807Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27276
19 Keeler, Hannah  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I24961
20 Keeler, Herman  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28306
21 Keeler, Jonathan  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28256
22 Keeler, Lyman  20 Mar 1780Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27245
23 Keeler, Mary  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27281
24 Keeler, Polly  3 Jun 1781Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27246
25 Keeler, Ralph IV  Abt 1700Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I24936
26 Keeler, Rebecca  Abt 1751Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I24959
27 Keeler, Robert B.  May 1834Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28248
28 Keeler, Sarah  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27280
29 Keeler, Sarah Abigail  17 Apr 1831Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28246
30 Keeler, William  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27278
31 Keeler, William Henry  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28253
32 Lockwood, Hanford Nichols  17 Apr 1788Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28918
33 Peck, Adaline  30 Jan 1827Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28301
34 Peck, Alfred Augustus  27 Oct 1830Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28302
35 Peck, Amarellis Eveline  21 Oct 1815Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28291
36 Peck, Arza Canfield  8 Jun 1822Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28297
37 Peck, Clarissa  2 Aug 1817Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28293
38 Peck, George Willis  22 Sep 1813Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28289
39 Peck, Henry William  1 May 1812Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28287
40 Peck, John Lyman  Apr 1820Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28295
41 Peck, Lucy Ann  31 Oct 1824Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28299
42 Smith, Henry  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28275
43 Smith, Mary  20 Mar 1813Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28276


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Copley, Abigail  5 Feb 1789Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I14597
2 Grannis, William  21 Aug 1849Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27365
3 Keeler, Ann  1839Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27250
4 Keeler, Cornelia  28 Aug 1894Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28242
5 Keeler, Hannah  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27265
6 Keeler, Huldah  1842Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27255
7 Keeler, Ira  Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27262
8 Lobdell, John  1778Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17402
9 Peck, Adaline  19 Dec 1849Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28301
10 Peck, Clarissa  18 Feb 1888Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I28293
11 Rockwell, Capt. Runa  24 Sep 1864Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I27536
12 Sherwood, Ruth  4 May 1787Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut I17403