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First/Given Name(s):


Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Donald Gene  30 Aug 1939Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I6109 Mindrum 
2 Eiken, Thora Lou  6 Sep 1926Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I5770 Mindrum 
3 Ekker, Bennie Mansfield  28 Jul 1892Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2352 Mindrum 
4 Ekker, Calmer  16 Jun 1900Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2355 Mindrum 
5 Ekker, Olaf Ottar  21 Jul 1898Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2354 Mindrum 
6 Evenson, Edwin Melvin  19 Aug 1881Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I5273 Mindrum 
7 Hallan, Carl Magnus  6 Mar 1869Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2271 Mindrum 
8 Hallan, Clarissa Miranda  21 May 1894Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2331 Mindrum 
9 Hallan, Josie Arigella  13 May 1896Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2333 Mindrum 
10 Hallan, Mathilde  16 Nov 1871Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2272 Mindrum 
11 Hallan, Melpha Ovenda  19 Feb 1893Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2330 Mindrum 
12 Hallan, Mina Benora  8 Dec 1871Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2291 Mindrum 
13 Hallan, Oscar Edwin  10 Aug 1876Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2301 Mindrum 
14 Hallan, Peter Severin  15 Jan 1876Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2274 Mindrum 
15 Johnson, Margaret  19 Nov 1922Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2406 Mindrum 
16 Krogstad, Esther Clarissa  13 Oct 1905Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I1519 Mindrum 
17 Krogstad, Irna Josephine  28 Oct 1922Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I20253 Mindrum 
18 Mindrum, Ellen Helga  16 Dec 1931Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I1248 Mindrum 
19 Norby, Robert D.  13 Feb 1944Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I11262 Mindrum 
20 Overland, Gordon Leroy  7 Jun 1930Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I8171 Mindrum 
21 Roppe, Alfred Gehardt  18 Oct 1913Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I13188 Mindrum 
22 Wermager, Grant Carlton  2 Mar 1909Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I4705 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hallan, Andreas Magnus  1920Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2131 Mindrum 
2 Hallan, Johannes Olsen  8 Sep 1911Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2128 Mindrum 
3 Hallan, Ole C.  May 1975Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2297 Mindrum 
4 Hallan, Ole Johnsen  1 Dec 1878Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2126 Mindrum 
5 Haug, Berethe Andersdtr  8 Apr 1880Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2127 Mindrum 
6 Krogstad, Elmer Adolf  26 Jun 1967Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I20251 Mindrum 
7 Krogstad, Enos S.  7 Jun 1923Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I2590 Mindrum 
8 Lund, Edna Jeanette  9 Oct 2004Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota I5699 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Eiken / Lund  25 Feb 1938Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota F3993 Mindrum 
2 Hallan / Sylling  28 Feb 1925Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota F1674 Mindrum 
3 Livdahl / Hallan  21 Jul 1921Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota F1645 Mindrum 
4 Overland / Krogstad  9 Jan 1924Spring Grove, Houston, Minnesota F5582 Mindrum