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First/Given Name(s):


Shapwick, Dorset, England



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 STB Keren H.  Abt 1815Shapwick, Dorset, England I15623
2 James, Benjamin  Abt 1777Shapwick, Dorset, England I15139
3 James, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Shapwick, Dorset, England I15138
4 James, Esther  Abt 1731Shapwick, Dorset, England I15621
5 James, George  Abt 1780Shapwick, Dorset, England I15140
6 James, John  Abt 1734Shapwick, Dorset, England I15129
7 James, John  Abt 1764Shapwick, Dorset, England I15135
8 James, Luke  Abt 1736Shapwick, Dorset, England I15124
9 James, Luke  Abt 1774Shapwick, Dorset, England I15117
10 James, Maria  Abt 1788Shapwick, Dorset, England I15142
11 James, Mark  Abt 1747Shapwick, Dorset, England I15133
12 James, Mark  Abt 1766Shapwick, Dorset, England I15136
13 James, Martha  Abt 1769Shapwick, Dorset, England I15137
14 James, Mary  Abt 1739Shapwick, Dorset, England I15130
15 James, Mary  Abt 1784Shapwick, Dorset, England I15141
16 James, Robert  1742Shapwick, Dorset, England I41368
17 James, Robin  Abt 1741Shapwick, Dorset, England I15131
18 James, STB Carolina  Abt 1798Shapwick, Dorset, England I15619
19 James, STB George  Abt 1800Shapwick, Dorset, England I15620
20 James, STB Henry  Abt 1795Shapwick, Dorset, England I15618
21 James, William  Abt 1705Shapwick, Dorset, England I15126
22 James, William  Abt Apr 1734Shapwick, Dorset, England I15834
23 James, William  Abt 1745Shapwick, Dorset, England I15132
24 James, William  Abt 1762Shapwick, Dorset, England I15134
25 Lock, Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1702Shapwick, Dorset, England I15603
26 Lock, Jane  ca Jan 1689/90Shapwick, Dorset, England I15601
27 Lock, John  Abt Nov 1691Shapwick, Dorset, England I15602
28 Lock, Mary  Abt Oct 1687Shapwick, Dorset, England I15600
29 Lock, Mary Magdalen  Abt Jun 1705Shapwick, Dorset, England I15127
30 Lock, William  Abt Aug 1708Shapwick, Dorset, England I15604


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 James, Mark  Oct 1761Shapwick, Dorset, England I15133
2 James, Robert  Abt Feb 1787Shapwick, Dorset, England I41368
3 Lock, Mary Magdalen  Abt 1747Shapwick, Dorset, England I15127
4 Martine, Mary  Abt Apr 1696Shapwick, Dorset, England I15599


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 James, Mark  31 Oct 1761Shapwick, Dorset, England I15133
2 James, Robert  11 Feb 1787Shapwick, Dorset, England I41368
3 Lock, Mary Magdalen  1 Mar 1747Shapwick, Dorset, England I15127
4 Martine, Mary  22 Apr 1696Shapwick, Dorset, England I15599


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 James, Benjamin  1 Apr 1777Shapwick, Dorset, England I15139
2 James, Caroline  6 May 1798Shapwick, Dorset, England I41533
3 James, Elizabeth  17 Jan 1772Shapwick, Dorset, England I15138
4 James, Esther  5 Nov 1731Shapwick, Dorset, England I15621
5 James, George  29 Mar 1780Shapwick, Dorset, England I15140
6 James, Henry  8 Nov 1795Shapwick, Dorset, England I41532
7 James, Jenny  11 Apr 1732Shapwick, Dorset, England I41530
8 James, Job  18 Apr 1799Shapwick, Dorset, England I41534
9 James, John  15 Apr 1734Shapwick, Dorset, England I15129
10 James, John  1 Feb 1764Shapwick, Dorset, England I15135
11 James, Luke  21 Dec 1736Shapwick, Dorset, England I15124
12 James, Luke  31 Jul 1774Shapwick, Dorset, England I15117
13 James, Maria  24 Aug 1788Shapwick, Dorset, England I15142
14 James, Mark  18 Oct 1747Shapwick, Dorset, England I15133
15 James, Mark  13 Feb 1766Shapwick, Dorset, England I15136
16 James, Martha  26 Jan 1769Shapwick, Dorset, England I15137
17 James, Mary  30 Sep 1739Shapwick, Dorset, England I15130
18 James, Mary  22 Aug 1784Shapwick, Dorset, England I15141
19 James, Robin  7 Mar 1741Shapwick, Dorset, England I15131
20 James, STB Carolina  6 May 1798Shapwick, Dorset, England I15619
21 James, STB Charles  29 Dec 1805Shapwick, Dorset, England I15785
22 James, STB George  13 Apr 1800Shapwick, Dorset, England I15620
23 James, STB Henry  8 Nov 1795Shapwick, Dorset, England I15618
24 James, STB Maria  6 Mar 1808Shapwick, Dorset, England I15786
25 James, STB Mary  16 Jan 1803Shapwick, Dorset, England I15784
26 James, STB Sophia  26 Dec 1810Shapwick, Dorset, England I15787
27 James, Ursula  8 Sep 1793Shapwick, Dorset, England I41531
28 James, William  15 Apr 1734Shapwick, Dorset, England I15834
29 James, William  17 Feb 1745Shapwick, Dorset, England I15132
30 James, William  31 May 1762Shapwick, Dorset, England I15134
31 Lock, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1702Shapwick, Dorset, England I15603
32 Lock, Jane  25 Jan 1689/90Shapwick, Dorset, England I15601
33 Lock, John  2 Nov 1691Shapwick, Dorset, England I15602
34 Lock, Mary  16 Oct 1687Shapwick, Dorset, England I15600
35 Lock, Mary Magdalen  25 Jun 1705Shapwick, Dorset, England I15127
36 Lock, William  22 Aug 1708Shapwick, Dorset, England I15604


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 James / Barnes  15 Jun 1792Shapwick, Dorset, England F10552
2 James / Crocker  8 Jun 1761Shapwick, Dorset, England F10542
3 Lock / Martine  12 Sep 1686Shapwick, Dorset, England F10863
4 Lock / Wheeler  4 Aug 1700Shapwick, Dorset, England F10862