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Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota



Rushford scene of Magelssen's Bluff
Rushford scene of Magelssen's Bluff
Postcard to Paul Mindrum from Peter M. Olson
Rushford scene of Magelssen's Bluff
Rushford scene of Magelssen's Bluff
Postcard to Paul Mindrum from Peter M. Olson. Text: Jan 5, 1909. Dear Son Paul! Send you a card with our best wishes for a Happy New Year, from us all at home. We are all well as usual- Hope you are the same- Sent you a present just before Xmas- Hope you have received it- let us hear from you soon- So long with kindly greetings from Mother and Dad. P.S. Received your letter today. Tanks. This got to take for the mail. P.M.O.
Olson, Peter M. and Oline, home in Rushford, Minnesota
Olson, Peter M. and Oline, home in Rushford, Minnesota


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Bertha Maria Mary  13 Jan 1874Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38826 Mindrum 
2 Arnold, Kate Merrill  18 May 1886Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12627 Mindrum 
3 Bachman, Soren Andreas  13 Jan 1881Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38691 Mindrum 
4 Benson, Lillian Marie  26 Nov 1924Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4898 Mindrum 
5 Benson, Mavis Corrine  21 May 1935Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I6041 Mindrum 
6 Betz, Robert Willard  1 Aug 1917Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13224 Mindrum 
7 Burke, Joseph  26 Jul 1925Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5818 Mindrum 
8 Burke, Madalyn Kathryn  4 Apr 1914Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5791 Mindrum 
9 Burke, Richard A.  5 Apr 1927Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5822 Mindrum 
10 Burke, Robert Louis  15 Dec 1918Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5813 Mindrum 
11 Burke, Vernon Joseph  23 Jun 1916Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5792 Mindrum 
12 Colbenson, Alfred  1 Apr 1878Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38756 Mindrum 
13 Colbenson, Archie Marvin  25 Mar 1925Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38663 Mindrum 
14 Colbenson, Ardis Lillian  11 Nov 1923Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38662 Mindrum 
15 Colbenson, Bertram Peter  16 Jun 1921Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38761 Mindrum 
16 Colbenson, Christina Kristi  29 Jan 1884Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13183 Mindrum 
17 Colbenson, Clarence Casper  12 Feb 1904Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38177 Mindrum 
18 Colbenson, David Peter  31 Jul 1945Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38764 Mindrum 
19 Colbenson, Earl Allen  7 Aug 1916Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38657 Mindrum 
20 Colbenson, Emil Colbensen  17 May 1872Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38753 Mindrum 
21 Colbenson, Francis Colberg  26 Apr 1923Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12673 Mindrum 
22 Colbenson, Francis Melvin  9 Apr 1890Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38173 Mindrum 
23 Colbenson, Fredrik Syvert Colbjornson  13 Jan 1899Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38781 Mindrum 
24 Colbenson, Helen Colbensen  9 Sep 1876Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38755 Mindrum 
25 Colbenson, Henry Carl  2 Dec 1894Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38775 Mindrum 
26 Colbenson, John Nels  18 Dec 1889Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38759 Mindrum 
27 Colbenson, Martin Fritz Jorgen  20 Apr 1885Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38170 Mindrum 
28 Colbenson, Mary Jeanette Nettie  19 Oct 1886Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38171 Mindrum 
29 Colbenson, Maynard Ole  6 Mar 1898Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I31834 Mindrum 
30 Colbenson, Minnie  19 Feb 1893Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38174 Mindrum 
31 Colbenson, Nels Edgar "Chub"  29 Aug 1894Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12672 Mindrum 
32 Colbenson, Olive Ann Colbensen  11 Mar 1880Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38757 Mindrum 
33 Colbenson, Pearl Clarice  13 Sep 1896Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I31833 Mindrum 
34 Colbenson, Ronald Arthur Mike  23 Nov 1950Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38768 Mindrum 
35 Colbenson, Severt Nils Colbensen  22 Dec 1874Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38754 Mindrum 
36 Colbenson, Theodore Roosevelt  7 Jan 1900Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38175 Mindrum 
37 Colbenson, Victor Vernon  26 Sep 1902Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38176 Mindrum 
38 Colbenson, Walter Edward Doc  18 Dec 1888Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38172 Mindrum 
39 Dahl, Christian Neil  11 Aug 1883Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10367 Mindrum 
40 Dahl, Edwin C.  19 Nov 1880Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10366 Mindrum 
41 Dahl, Nellie Antonia Christa  2 Aug 1882Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38307 Mindrum 
42 Dahle, Clara  16 Mar 1899Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38776 Mindrum 
43 Dauchy  27 Oct 1875Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13948 Mindrum 
44 Dauchy, Alice Raymond  15 Jan 1872Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13239 Mindrum 
45 Dauchy, Jessie B.  22 Dec 1873Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13245 Mindrum 
46 Dubbs, Elvin Stanley (Tudy)  30 Jun 1908Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12640 Mindrum 
47 Dubbs, Larry Allen  10 Jul 1932Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I33592 Mindrum 
48 Dubbs, Maynard Jerome  11 Dec 1912Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I14940 Mindrum 
49 Dubbs, Wallace  16 Jul 1905Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I33590 Mindrum 
50 Eggan, Alfred Julius  6 Aug 1875Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12510 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Bertha Maria Mary  30 Oct 1980Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38826 Mindrum 
2 Anderson, Earl  1 Jan 1996Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I32251 Mindrum 
3 Anderson, Irene Jane  19 Jul 2010Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38664 Mindrum 
4 Arnold, Kate Merrill  21 May 1978Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12627 Mindrum 
5 Austad, George J.  26 Feb 1945Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4449 Mindrum 
6 Benson, Adolph  23 Sep 1969Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4880 Mindrum 
7 Benson, Elmer C.  14 Jun 2010Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4886 Mindrum 
8 Berg, Arthur Raymond  13 Sep 1972Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10301 Mindrum 
9 Berg, Carl Alfred  30 May 1977Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10294 Mindrum 
10 Berg, Edwin L.  9 Mar 1965Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10299 Mindrum 
11 Berg, John M.  30 Oct 1984Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10300 Mindrum 
12 Berg, Lillian B.  16 Feb 1973Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10296 Mindrum 
13 Berg, Norman B.  9 Nov 1990Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10303 Mindrum 
14 Berland, Anne  20 Jan 1916Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4789 Mindrum 
15 Betz, Robert Willard  29 Dec 2000Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13224 Mindrum 
16 Burke, Vernon Joseph  22 May 2000Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I5792 Mindrum 
17 Colbenson, Alfred  13 Nov 1966Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38756 Mindrum 
18 Colbenson, Anna Olive  3 Oct 1907Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38875 Mindrum 
19 Colbenson, Ardis Lillian  14 Jun 1924Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38662 Mindrum 
20 Colbenson, Carl  31 Jan 1981Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38855 Mindrum 
21 Colbenson, Christina Kristi  19 Jul 1959Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13183 Mindrum 
22 Colbenson, Earl Allen  17 Jun 2009Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38657 Mindrum 
23 Colbenson, Gunder Gunerius Nielsen Colbjornsen  2 Apr 1952Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38751 Mindrum 
24 Colbenson, Helen Colbensen  28 Oct 1959Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38755 Mindrum 
25 Colbenson, Henry Maurice  5 May 2013Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38769 Mindrum 
26 Colbenson, Kolbjorn Nilsen Colben  23 Feb 1905Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38168 Mindrum 
27 Colbenson, Martin Fritz Jorgen  28 Aug 1973Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38170 Mindrum 
28 Colbenson, Nels Edgar "Chub"  5 Jan 1959Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12672 Mindrum 
29 Colbenson, Nils Kolbjornsen Toverud  12 Jun 1912Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38747 Mindrum 
30 Colbenson, Peter Nielsen Kolbjornsen  6 Nov 1938Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38750 Mindrum 
31 Colbenson, Ronald Arthur Mike  19 Sep 2010Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38768 Mindrum 
32 Colbenson, Severt Nils Colbensen  2 Nov 1958Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38754 Mindrum 
33 Colbenson, Theodore Roosevelt  3 Oct 1978Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38175 Mindrum 
34 Colbenson, Walter Edward Doc  13 Jan 1954Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38172 Mindrum 
35 Colberg, Oline Emilie  15 Feb 1920Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12504 Mindrum 
36 Dahl, Anne P.  20 Sep 1892Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10274 Mindrum 
37 Dahl, Elling Pedersen  14 Oct 1888Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I3037 Mindrum 
38 Dahl, Kisten Jorgine (Gina)  5 Apr 1926Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I2592 Mindrum 
39 Dale, Gena Bertina  22 Jan 1994Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I9577 Mindrum 
40 Daley, Aslak Gunderson  8 Jul 1918Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4803 Mindrum 
41 Daley, Gunder T.  29 Oct 1934Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4804 Mindrum 
42 Dauchy, Anna E.  6 Sep 1878Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13241 Mindrum 
43 Dauchy, H. O. "Burr"  21 Feb 1897Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13267 Mindrum 
44 Dauchy, Harriet Elizabeth  25 Sep 1918Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13181 Mindrum 
45 Dauchy, Horace B.  14 Sep 1876Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13242 Mindrum 
46 Dauchy, William  17 Jul 1906Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13235 Mindrum 
47 Dubbs, Elvin Stanley (Tudy)  7 Aug 1962Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12640 Mindrum 
48 Dubbs, Thompson Godfrey  2 Jan 1923Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12705 Mindrum 
49 Eggen, Alfred Julius  19 Aug 1874Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12509 Mindrum 
50 Eggen, Alice Christine  18 Sep 1885Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12644 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berg, Frederick C.  Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10298 Mindrum 
2 Knutson, Marion Bindell  2 May 1902Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13247 Mindrum 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Kate Merrill  5 Mar 1895Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12627 Mindrum 
2 Bathrick, Emaline  5 Mar 1895Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13266 Mindrum 
3 Colbenson, Francis Colberg  1 Jul 1923Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12673 Mindrum 
4 Colbenson, Jean Phyllis  9 Oct 1927Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12679 Mindrum 
5 Colbenson, Nels Edgar "Chub"  18 Nov 1894Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12672 Mindrum 
6 Dahl, Christian Neil  23 Sep 1883Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10367 Mindrum 
7 Dahl, Nellie Antonia Christa  10 Sep 1882Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I38307 Mindrum 
8 Dauchy, Carrie  22 Apr 1871Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13243 Mindrum 
9 Dauchy, Jane M. Jennie  30 Mar 1872Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13244 Mindrum 
10 Dauchy, Jessie B.  19 Dec 1888Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13245 Mindrum 
11 Eggan, Alfred Julius  22 Aug 1875Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12510 Mindrum 
12 Eggen, Alfred Julius  2 Nov 1873Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12509 Mindrum 
13 Eggen, Alice Christine  24 May 1885Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12644 Mindrum 
14 Eggen, Ambrose Ingvald  18 Jan 1880Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12524 Mindrum 
15 Eggen, Conrad Angell  16 Mar 1878Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12521 Mindrum 
16 Eggen, Daniel Ludvig  24 Jun 1883Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12626 Mindrum 
17 Eggen, Douglas Ambrose  21 Jun 1925Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12554 Mindrum 
18 Eggen, Edgar Allan "Al"  17 Mar 1927Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12579 Mindrum 
19 Eggen, Edgar Henry  2 Dec 1888Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12645 Mindrum 
20 Eggen, Edwarda Amalia  15 Jul 1881Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12624 Mindrum 
21 Eggen, Joan Virginia  17 May 1931Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12620 Mindrum 
22 Eggen, John William  25 Jun 1882Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12625 Mindrum 
23 Eggen, Paul Roger  15 Jul 1923Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12647 Mindrum 
24 Eggen, Roswell Matthew  17 Mar 1929Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12590 Mindrum 
25 Eggen, Samuel Angus  5 Sep 1886Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I14941 Mindrum 
26 Eggen, Wallace Homer  15 Jul 1924Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12656 Mindrum 
27 Holger, Agnes Geneva  12 Nov 1916Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I8287 Mindrum 
28 Isberg, Styrk Gilbert  20 Feb 1922Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I803 Mindrum 
29 James, Carolyn Estelle  8 Aug 1886Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13167 Mindrum 
30 James, Catharine Harriet  13 Jan 1906Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13198 Mindrum 
31 James, Edna Hazel  14 Nov 1915Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13215 Mindrum 
32 James, George Gordon  28 Sep 1913Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13214 Mindrum 
33 James, George Harvey  Nov 1879Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13182 Mindrum 
34 James, Leland Warren  2 Jul 1933Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13197 Mindrum 
35 James, Martin Dexter  2 Feb 1909Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13212 Mindrum 
36 James, Melvin Wilfred  30 Jul 1905Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13195 Mindrum 
37 James, Nellie Lorena  Oct 1877Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13178 Mindrum 
38 James, Royal Dexter  8 Aug 1886Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13193 Mindrum 
39 James, Verna  22 Sep 1918Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13223 Mindrum 
40 James, Vernon  22 Sep 1918Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13218 Mindrum 
41 Larson, Magna Elisabeth  8 Mar 1885Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I10375 Mindrum 
42 Overland, Gynther O.  22 Oct 1882Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I4470 Mindrum 
43 Reishus, Walter Clark  Nov 1879Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13272 Mindrum 
44 Tollefson, Ruth  25 Mar 1900Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12646 Mindrum 
45 Ukkestad, Thelma Judith "Tim"  14 Nov 1915Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12523 Mindrum 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Kate Merrill  31 Mar 1898Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12627 Mindrum 
2 Dauchy, Anna E.  12 Jul 1870Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13241 Mindrum 
3 Dauchy, Carrie  12 Jul 1870Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13243 Mindrum 
4 Dauchy, Harriet Elizabeth  12 Jul 1870Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13181 Mindrum 
5 Dauchy, Jane M. Jennie  22 Jul 1873Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13244 Mindrum 
6 Eggan, Alfred Julius  16 Nov 1890Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12510 Mindrum 
7 Eggen, Conrad Angell  9 Apr 1893Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12521 Mindrum 
8 James, Carolyn Estelle  31 Mar 1898Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13167 Mindrum 
9 James, George Harvey  23 Mar 1897Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13182 Mindrum 
10 James, Nellie Lorena  20 Jul 1891Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13178 Mindrum 
11 James, Royal Dexter  23 Apr 1897Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I13193 Mindrum 
12 Lund, Tina  9 Apr 1893Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota I12498 Mindrum 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bachman / Colbenson  2 Dec 1907Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F26043 Mindrum 
2 Colbenson / Eggen  20 May 1922Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8645 Mindrum 
3 Colbenson / Markegaard  1 Oct 1915Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F26042 Mindrum 
4 Colbenson / Tenborg  25 Jan 1883Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F26041 Mindrum 
5 Dahl / Anderson  18 Nov 1877Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F26127 Mindrum 
6 Eggen / Arnold  12 Oct 1908Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8631 Mindrum 
7 Eggen / Colberg  27 Jun 1871Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8586 Mindrum 
8 Eggen / James  1 Oct 1908Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9151 Mindrum 
9 Eggen / Lund  2 Nov 1873Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8582 Mindrum 
10 Eggen / Sjoberg Hanson  May 1947Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8638 Mindrum 
11 Eggen / Tollefson  20 May 1922Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8637 Mindrum 
12 Eggen / Ukkestad  3 Sep 1937Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8595 Mindrum 
13 Fossen / Overland  28 Aug 1909Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F3149 Mindrum 
14 Heiden / Humble  22 May 1937Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F3017 Mindrum 
15 Henze / Evenson  29 Nov 1913Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F3771 Mindrum 
16 Hovland / Lemberg  4 Oct 1960Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F3669 Mindrum 
17 Jacobson / Landsverk  Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F1479 Mindrum 
18 James / Dauchy  21 Aug 1875Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9157 Mindrum 
19 James / Fossen  25 Sep 1940Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9169 Mindrum 
20 James / Laumb  11 Jan 1904Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9162 Mindrum 
21 James / Overby  1 Jun 1931Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9163 Mindrum 
22 Knutson / Dauchy  23 Dec 1896Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9181 Mindrum 
23 Lafky / Bellock  17 Nov 1951Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F26456 Mindrum 
24 Landsverk / Oian  7 May 1898Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F1474 Mindrum 
25 Larson / Dahl  19 Apr 1884Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F7288 Mindrum 
26 Mindrum / Eggen  30 Dec 1943Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F394 Mindrum 
27 Oberg / Eggen  1 Dec 1898Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8588 Mindrum 
28 Reishus / Dauchy  14 Dec 1875Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F9206 Mindrum 
29 Wright / Colberg  15 Apr 1878Rushford, Fillmore, Minnesota F8828 Mindrum