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First/Given Name(s):


Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Augusta Josephine Gusta  9 Jul 1888Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I4879 Mindrum 
2 Benson, Bent C.  6 Aug 1880Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5275 Mindrum 
3 Benson, Bertram Carol  15 Oct 1923Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5358 Mindrum 
4 Benson, Clifford Telford  6 Oct 1907Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5278 Mindrum 
5 Benson, Earl Benhard  15 Dec 1910Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5288 Mindrum 
6 Benson, Elmer C.  25 Sep 1914Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I4886 Mindrum 
7 Benson, Maynard Wallace  28 Sep 1918Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5310 Mindrum 
8 Benson, Orlando Leonard  22 Jul 1903Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I6063 Mindrum 
9 Benson, Teman Bertram  20 Aug 1916Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5303 Mindrum 
10 Eiken, Wallace Henry  22 Dec 1922Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5758 Mindrum 
11 Honsey, Lillie Corrine  1 Apr 1917Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I9462 Mindrum 
12 Jacobson, Alma  Jan 1879Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I3803 Mindrum 
13 Jacobson, Bertha "Betsey"  Abt 1876Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I3774 Mindrum 
14 Jacobson, Jacob A.  9 Aug 1871Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I3772 Mindrum 
15 Jacobson, Melba Alvina  19 Feb 1920Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I3799 Mindrum 
16 Maland, Cordella Evelyn  26 Sep 1908Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5279 Mindrum 
17 Olness, Conrad  23 Sep 1906Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I13216 Mindrum 
18 Olson, Ole Bertinius  16 Sep 1860Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I1431 Mindrum 
19 Olson, Peter Bent  27 Jul 1862Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I1494 Mindrum 
20 Overland, Donald Julian  8 Jun 1925Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I4385 Mindrum 
21 Overland, Johannes Steiner  23 May 1866Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I7965 Mindrum 
22 Rein, Anna Oline Lena  8 Aug 1871Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I7973 Mindrum 
23 Tollefson, Ruth  24 Feb 1900Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I12646 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bratberg, Alice Cathrine  13 Jul 2011Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I38877 Mindrum 
2 Johnson, Marion Jeanette  14 Aug 1995Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I5311 Mindrum 
3 Overland, (Stenar) Steinar J.  14 Apr 1939Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I2137 Mindrum 
4 Overland, Lydia Johanna  13 Jun 1975Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I7978 Mindrum 
5 Peterson, Julius John  10 Oct 1957Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I7991 Mindrum 
6 Vraa, (Amalie) Mollie  9 Mar 1985Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota I3786 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Danielson / Honsey  22 Aug 1940Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota F6616 Mindrum 
2 Fossum / Vigness  29 Apr 1933Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota F3672 Mindrum 
3 Overland / Hungerholt  19 Apr 1947Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota F5710 Mindrum