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First/Given Name(s):


Oneida, Madison, New York



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Ephraim Crawford Brown  26 Dec 1882Oneida, Madison, New York I36975
2 Bliss, Eli Dorrance  17 Sep 1920Oneida, Madison, New York I16539
3 Bliss, John Conrad Ingalls  6 Oct 1922Oneida, Madison, New York I16534
4 Bortle, David Manchester  13 Aug 1923Oneida, Madison, New York I16589
5 Bortle, James Edward  4 Sep 1893Oneida, Madison, New York I16282
6 Bortle, Norman William  28 Mar 1925Oneida, Madison, New York I16590
7 Fearon, Calvin Carver "Sword"  22 Mar 1938Oneida, Madison, New York I37803
8 Fearon, Carroll Dana  12 Sep 1896Oneida, Madison, New York I16672
9 Fearon, Charles Fuller  3 Jul 1902Oneida, Madison, New York I16691
10 Fearon, Gladys Dana  3 Dec 1892Oneida, Madison, New York I16671
11 Fearon, Dr. Henry Dana  20 Jun 1904Oneida, Madison, New York I16693
12 Fearon, Janet Carver  4 Jul 1942Oneida, Madison, New York I37804
13 Fearon, Robert Henry  7 Aug 1900Oneida, Madison, New York I16685
14 Fearon, Spencer Fuller  1 Nov 1890Oneida, Madison, New York I16656
15 Fearon, Spencer Fuller Jr.  9 Aug 1914Oneida, Madison, New York I16658
16 Macarthur, Theodore F.  1 Apr 1919Oneida, Madison, New York I16182
17 Metcalf, Glen Elmer  1901Oneida, Madison, New York I16148
18 Patterson, Anna  11 Mar 1822Oneida, Madison, New York I37075
19 Patterson, Charles  13 Jun 1826Oneida, Madison, New York I19875
20 Patterson, Helen (Ellen)  1 Jun 1828Oneida, Madison, New York I19904
21 Patterson, Isabell  7 Jul 1821Oneida, Madison, New York I37073
22 Patterson, Jane  7 Mar 1824Oneida, Madison, New York I19876
23 Rockwell, Robert Newton  4 Jun 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I30092
24 Romer, Thomas E.  4 Sep 1948Oneida, Madison, New York I16550
25 Tooke, Howard W.  12 Nov 1942Oneida, Madison, New York I16205
26 Tooke, Loreine W. Kelly  2 Jan 1916Oneida, Madison, New York I13613


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blair, Harriet Mae  13 Jan 1974Oneida, Madison, New York I16342
2 Bortle, David Manchester  12 Jun 1944Oneida, Madison, New York I16589
3 Bortle, James Edward  26 Nov 1946Oneida, Madison, New York I16282
4 Briest, Cora M.  16 Apr 2008Oneida, Madison, New York I16336
5 Collins, Alfred Lewis  20 Jan 1940Oneida, Madison, New York I37180
6 Dana, Juliette Maria Josephine  24 Oct 1908Oneida, Madison, New York I15945
7 Fearon, Frederick William  4 Feb 1969Oneida, Madison, New York I16272
8 Fearon, George Jr.  21 Feb 1898Oneida, Madison, New York I19828
9 Fearon, George David  26 Aug 1944Oneida, Madison, New York I16271
10 Fearon, Henry Dana  12 Dec 1941Oneida, Madison, New York I16243
11 Fearon, Spencer Fuller  14 Oct 1939Oneida, Madison, New York I16656
12 Fuller, Mary Ada  5 Apr 1952Oneida, Madison, New York I16245
13 Givens, Edward Conkie  29 Jul 1955Oneida, Madison, New York I19554
14 Griffith, Marion Claudine  5 Mar 1996Oneida, Madison, New York I16289
15 Grosjean, Herman J.  20 Jul 2001Oneida, Madison, New York I16178
16 Kern, Elizabeth (Eliza)  11 Mar 1907Oneida, Madison, New York I36962
17 Kingsley, Robert C.  22 Nov 1992Oneida, Madison, New York I15863
18 Loomis, Ruth  10 Sep 1965Oneida, Madison, New York I19734
19 Macarthur, Theodore F.  19 Jun 1968Oneida, Madison, New York I16182
20 Marris, Hazel  25 Jul 1986Oneida, Madison, New York I17053
21 Marshall, Frederick Wesley  23 Sep 1946Oneida, Madison, New York I19457
22 Moon, Vernon L.  20 Jan 2008Oneida, Madison, New York I13456
23 Parkell, Ezra  27 Dec 1898Oneida, Madison, New York I36963
24 Pentland, Mary Margaret  25 May 1947Oneida, Madison, New York I16177
25 Powers, Ruth  2 Feb 2006Oneida, Madison, New York I16189
26 Tackabury, Almeda  22 Jul 1957Oneida, Madison, New York I17054
27 Tackabury, Frank Jay  21 Apr 1974Oneida, Madison, New York I15901
28 Tackabury, Lucy D.  Dec 1975Oneida, Madison, New York I15897
29 Tackabury, William M.  14 Jun 1949Oneida, Madison, New York I15904
30 Tooke, Arvilla L.  19 Dec 1999Oneida, Madison, New York I13605
31 Tooke, Clifton C.  Feb 1974Oneida, Madison, New York I13611
32 Tooke, George Francis  16 Dec 1965Oneida, Madison, New York I19733
33 Tooke, Hazel D.  Apr 1976Oneida, Madison, New York I16179
34 Tooke, Roscoe A.  Jun 1982Oneida, Madison, New York I13528
35 Tooke, Wells E.  29 Dec 2004Oneida, Madison, New York I16188
36 Trew, Ethel  18 Jan 1946Oneida, Madison, New York I14659
37 Weismore, Harold "Deb"  27 Jun 1973Oneida, Madison, New York I16437


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crounse / Marshall  30 May 1893Oneida, Madison, New York F13816
2 Fearon / Kilts  27 Aug 1926Oneida, Madison, New York F11529