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First/Given Name(s):


Los Angeles Co., California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderton, Thomas Robert  14 Mar 1962Los Angeles Co., California I12683
2 Chillson, Alicia Grace E.  8 Jul 1913Los Angeles Co., California I13841
3 Dahl, Lorrene Carol  31 Dec 1953Los Angeles Co., California I38323
4 Dubay, Robert Henry  1 Jun 1936Los Angeles Co., California I33421
5 French, Alvin S.  8 Feb 1911Los Angeles Co., California I13865
6 French, Furman Dexter  5 Dec 1908Los Angeles Co., California I13864
7 Ivey, Della Myrhl  23 Dec 1934Los Angeles Co., California I11
8 Maudlin, Eric John  21 Sep 1961Los Angeles Co., California I12622
9 Moffett, James Boyd Jr.  21 May 1932Los Angeles Co., California I37963
10 Paul, Janice Christine  26 Aug 1962Los Angeles Co., California I33411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berg, Carl Ingebret  12 Apr 1958Los Angeles Co., California I12276
2 Berg, Charlotte  24 Feb 1995Los Angeles Co., California I37960
3 Brown, Dorothy H.  10 Jul 1997Los Angeles Co., California I38321
4 Carlson, Hanphen Henry  3 May 1947Los Angeles Co., California I37568
5 Carlson, Harriet E.  2 Sep 1973Los Angeles Co., California I37569
6 Cavanaugh, Zella J.  2 Dec 1960Los Angeles Co., California I16879
7 Chillson, Alicia Grace E.  11 Jan 1986Los Angeles Co., California I13841
8 Clendening, Frances Fannie Moss  11 Oct 1986Los Angeles Co., California I16324
9 Clendening, Maud A.  17 Mar 1970Los Angeles Co., California I16323
10 Clendening, Thomas Carlyle  26 Jun 1947Los Angeles Co., California I16318
11 Darrow, Charles Foster  26 Jul 1940Los Angeles Co., California I15931
12 Darrow, Flora W.  2 Jul 1982Los Angeles Co., California I16894
13 Darrow, Francis Gertrude  28 May 1967Los Angeles Co., California I16893
14 Darrow, Fred Jay  16 Nov 1983Los Angeles Co., California I16892
15 Darrow, George Francis  25 Jul 1979Los Angeles Co., California I16880
16 Darrow, George H.  19 Apr 1987Los Angeles Co., California I16883
17 Darrow, George Harrison  19 Apr 1947Los Angeles Co., California I15934
18 Darrow, Irving Robert  1 Jan 1947Los Angeles Co., California I15932
19 Darrow, Lucy Alberta  6 Jan 1968Los Angeles Co., California I16895
20 Darrow, Pearl Beatrice  21 Jan 1980Los Angeles Co., California I16897
21 Darrow, William Jay  6 Jul 1950Los Angeles Co., California I15933
22 Dent, Margauerite Louise  30 Jul 1983Los Angeles Co., California I19482
23 Evans, Jessie B.  9 Jun 1949Los Angeles Co., California I33523
24 Evers, Walter Ernest  17 Apr 1984Los Angeles Co., California I38322
25 Fearon, Dora C.  19 May 1963Los Angeles Co., California I16583
26 Fearon, Josephine Darrow  27 Mar 1951Los Angeles Co., California I16582
27 Fletcher, Ollie  6 Oct 1951Los Angeles Co., California I16899
28 Foley, Patricia  2 Jun 1994Los Angeles Co., California I19483
29 Folts, Robert Francis  16 May 1957Los Angeles Co., California I38219
30 French, Alvin Shattuck  7 Jul 1940Los Angeles Co., California I13857
31 French, Henry C. Jr.  26 Nov 1953Los Angeles Co., California I13850
32 French, Jean Patterson  4 Apr 1957Los Angeles Co., California I13854
33 French, John Bedford  7 Jan 1948Los Angeles Co., California I13856
34 French, Washington Bullard  16 Aug 1959Los Angeles Co., California I13853
35 Fuller, Isaac G.  1 Oct 1949Los Angeles Co., California I21489
36 Gabriels, Henry Carl  13 Nov 1949Los Angeles Co., California I13681
37 Geron, Lyna  3 Dec 1966Los Angeles Co., California I10579
38 Girdner, Ivon F.  20 Feb 1975Los Angeles Co., California I29515
39 Girdner, Lullo Cleo  19 Oct 1948Los Angeles Co., California I32668
40 Hoes, Cora Edna  24 Dec 1945Los Angeles Co., California I16882
41 Howard, Preston Seth  31 Aug 1990Los Angeles Co., California I37499
42 Hoyt, Lucy Lyle  18 Jun 1953Los Angeles Co., California I16097
43 Jones, Lillian Marian  26 Mar 1976Los Angeles Co., California I30646
44 Lilly, Thomas Cletus  3 Nov 1951Los Angeles Co., California I4479
45 Malnaa, Helen Genevieve  7 May 1981Los Angeles Co., California I4419
46 Mang, Russell  25 Jul 1984Los Angeles Co., California I13631
47 Marsh, Edna Evamay  19 Apr 1987Los Angeles Co., California I16906
48 McElroy, Della D.  19 Jul 1969Los Angeles Co., California I16923
49 Moe, Anna Marie  27 May 1941Los Angeles Co., California I38206
50 Moffett, James Boyd  8 Feb 1991Los Angeles Co., California I37962

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crow / Harless  18 May 1963Los Angeles Co., California F11978


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Dahl / Brown  Jun 1974Los Angeles Co., California F26134