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First/Given Name(s):


London, Ontario, Canada



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Annie May  23 Mar 1887London, Ontario, Canada I37250 Mindrum 
2 Fuller, Florence Annie  21 Jun 1889London, Ontario, Canada I37254 Mindrum 
3 Griffith, Alberta Kathleen  14 Feb 1911London, Ontario, Canada I37292 Mindrum 
4 Griffith, Louis Burton  24 May 1879London, Ontario, Canada I37273 Mindrum 
5 Griffith, Robert Henry  8 Feb 1903London, Ontario, Canada I37274 Mindrum 
6 Kern, John Franklin  1 Sep 1860London, Ontario, Canada I15969 Mindrum 
7 Kern, Mary Ann  18 Nov 1834London, Ontario, Canada I19334 Mindrum 
8 Kernohan, Elizabeth Jane  11 Apr 1854London, Ontario, Canada I37232 Mindrum 
9 Kernohan, Ella  21 Jun 1864London, Ontario, Canada I37243 Mindrum 
10 Kernohan, George Nathaniel  22 Apr 1861London, Ontario, Canada I37240 Mindrum 
11 Kernohan, Inez Winona  8 Dec 1911London, Ontario, Canada I37407 Mindrum 
12 Kernohan, James Arthur  2 Sep 1865London, Ontario, Canada I37245 Mindrum 
13 Kernohan, John Samuel "Jack"  3 Dec 1857London, Ontario, Canada I37235 Mindrum 
14 Kernohan, Martha "Mattie"  21 May 1859London, Ontario, Canada I37238 Mindrum 
15 Kernohan, Myrtle Gladys  1 Oct 1892London, Ontario, Canada I37307 Mindrum 
16 Kernohan, Robert Richard  25 Aug 1871London, Ontario, Canada I37249 Mindrum 
17 Kernohan, Sarah Ann  15 Mar 1856London, Ontario, Canada I37234 Mindrum 
18 Kernohan, Valetta Lamay  10 May 1900London, Ontario, Canada I37394 Mindrum 
19 Kernohan, William George  13 Jul 1913London, Ontario, Canada I37410 Mindrum 
20 Kernohan, William Tackabury  9 Jun 1868London, Ontario, Canada I37247 Mindrum 
21 Kernohan, William Wesley  24 Nov 1851London, Ontario, Canada I37231 Mindrum 
22 Kernohan, Wilma Ann  1 May 1910London, Ontario, Canada I37401 Mindrum 
23 McCleod, Frederick Joseph  3 Jul 1889London, Ontario, Canada I37253 Mindrum 
24 Tackabury, Elizabeth Jane  10 Aug 1836London, Ontario, Canada I19817 Mindrum 
25 Tamlin, Dorothy Mae  20 Jun 1909London, Ontario, Canada I37436 Mindrum 
26 Tamlin, John Nathaniel "Jack"  24 May 1871London, Ontario, Canada I37429 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Annie May  13 Feb 1959London, Ontario, Canada I37250 Mindrum 
2 Banks, Osborne Henry  21 Apr 1961London, Ontario, Canada I37395 Mindrum 
3 Belton, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1875London, Ontario, Canada I19431 Mindrum 
4 Ellis, Harriet Susannah "Hattie"  12 Jun 1942London, Ontario, Canada I37248 Mindrum 
5 Kern, Edward  29 Jan 1876London, Ontario, Canada I19634 Mindrum 
6 Kern, John Franklin  2 Jan 1927London, Ontario, Canada I15969 Mindrum 
7 Kern, John Wesley  11 Mar 1895London, Ontario, Canada I36960 Mindrum 
8 Kernohan, Elizabeth Jane  20 Aug 1937London, Ontario, Canada I37232 Mindrum 
9 Kernohan, George Nathaniel  27 Jun 1933London, Ontario, Canada I37240 Mindrum 
10 Kernohan, James Arthur  27 Sep 1935London, Ontario, Canada I37245 Mindrum 
11 Kernohan, Olivett Evelyn  3 Jun 1953London, Ontario, Canada I37392 Mindrum 
12 Kernohan, Sarah Ann  10 Mar 1939London, Ontario, Canada I37234 Mindrum 
13 Kernohan, William  30 Dec 1893London, Ontario, Canada I19814 Mindrum 
14 Kernohan, William Tackabury  15 Nov 1947London, Ontario, Canada I37247 Mindrum 
15 Laird, Rebecca  22 Oct 1943London, Ontario, Canada I37246 Mindrum 
16 Rumford, Stanley  23 Jan 1929London, Ontario, Canada I37393 Mindrum 
17 Sheppard, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1895London, Ontario, Canada I17063 Mindrum 
18 Tackaberry, James  6 May 1902London, Ontario, Canada I19816 Mindrum 
19 Tackaberry, John  18 Jan 1877London, Ontario, Canada I19343 Mindrum 
20 Tackaberry, Minnie May  8 Jul 1902London, Ontario, Canada I20062 Mindrum 
21 Tackaberry, Nathaniel  5 Sep 1904London, Ontario, Canada I19815 Mindrum 
22 Tackabury, Ann  Dec 1870London, Ontario, Canada I37445 Mindrum 
23 Tackabury, Elizabeth Jane  19 Oct 1897London, Ontario, Canada I19817 Mindrum 
24 Tackabury, Sarah Ann  1 Nov 1902London, Ontario, Canada I19813 Mindrum 
25 Tamlin, Gladys Isabelle  7 Nov 1954London, Ontario, Canada I37433 Mindrum 
26 Tooke, Esther Jane  26 Jun 1913London, Ontario, Canada I19665 Mindrum 
27 Webster, Emily Wheaton  16 Sep 1939London, Ontario, Canada I37242 Mindrum 
28 Webster, Margaret Louise "Lou"  11 Nov 1945London, Ontario, Canada I37430 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Collins / Kernohan  24 Sep 1938London, Ontario, Canada F25527 Mindrum 
2 Griffith / Kernohan  16 Jul 1902London, Ontario, Canada F25427 Mindrum 
3 Griffith / Torrens  2 Jun 1924London, Ontario, Canada F25428 Mindrum 
4 McCleod / Fuller  18 Aug 1914London, Ontario, Canada F25412 Mindrum 
5 Moloney / Kernohan  17 Jun 1917London, Ontario, Canada F25453 Mindrum 
6 Northcott / Kernohan  6 Mar 1937London, Ontario, Canada F25533 Mindrum 
7 Oliver / Tamlin  30 Nov 1937London, Ontario, Canada F25547 Mindrum 
8 Quigley / Kernohan  26 Dec 1940London, Ontario, Canada F25476 Mindrum 
9 Rumford / Kernohan  28 Nov 1925London, Ontario, Canada F25516 Mindrum 
10 Tackabury / Fixter  18 Jan 1892London, Ontario, Canada F25552 Mindrum