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First/Given Name(s):


Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 STB Tom Alderson  1838Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I22361 Mindrum 
2 Anderson, James  1 Feb 1845Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I20518 Mindrum 
3 Anderson, John Wesley  10 Apr 1844Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I20144 Mindrum 
4 Cline, Naman Hurd  18 Dec 1857Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I33907 Mindrum 
5 Flood, Lawrence  31 Mar 1899Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I32274 Mindrum 
6 Harvey, Lasetta  22 Feb 1877Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23588 Mindrum 
7 McConnell, Anna Cyria  20 Aug 1846Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I20086 Mindrum 
8 McConnell, Ansley Bryan  27 Sep 1897Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24805 Mindrum 
9 McConnell, Charles Freemont  26 Oct 1888Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24803 Mindrum 
10 McConnell, Guy Leone  13 Dec 1882Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23561 Mindrum 
11 McConnell, Melvin George  6 Apr 1904Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24707 Mindrum 
12 McConnell, Palmer Bennett  7 Apr 1905Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24806 Mindrum 
13 Murray, Zona Gale  23 Aug 1923Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I32306 Mindrum 
14 Nash, Walter Elliot  31 May 1850Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I33843 Mindrum 
15 Riley, Loren John  6 Dec 1934Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I31324 Mindrum 
16 Smith, Cora Belle  11 Apr 1880Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24706 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arntsen, Anna Belle  4 Jan 2001Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24713 Mindrum 
2 Bennett, Alosia B.  22 Jul 1914Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I18678 Mindrum 
3 Bennett, Betsey  13 Feb 1894Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I20090 Mindrum 
4 Blaser, Harry Earl  12 Jul 1995Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24754 Mindrum 
5 Bower, Nelson Walter  7 May 1959Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24729 Mindrum 
6 Flanigan, Elizabeth Lizzie  20 Oct 1883Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24699 Mindrum 
7 Flanigan, Helen Ella  9 Apr 1885Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24701 Mindrum 
8 Flanigan, Jennie  29 Sep 1890Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24700 Mindrum 
9 Harvey, Lasetta  Jun 1974Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23588 Mindrum 
10 Jolly, Harriet Jane  5 Dec 1917Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23519 Mindrum 
11 McConnell, Frank Lester  15 Oct 1970Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24696 Mindrum 
12 McConnell, Joyce Miriam  29 May 1983Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23589 Mindrum 
13 McConnell, Lulu Candace  28 Aug 1976Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24694 Mindrum 
14 Murray, Gordon Robert  6 Sep 1961Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23543 Mindrum 
15 Murray, Joanna M.  10 Mar 1946Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23546 Mindrum 
16 Murray, William H.  4 Dec 1951Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23535 Mindrum 
17 Nash, Henry C.  31 Jan 1899Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I33837 Mindrum 
18 Nelson, Howard Russell  11 Sep 1983Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I23590 Mindrum 
19 Quinn, Rose Marie  9 Aug 1978Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24689 Mindrum 
20 Ray, James Lawrence  14 Aug 1977Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24748 Mindrum 
21 Shadewalt, Walter F.  27 Oct 2010Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I31359 Mindrum 
22 Wilson, Ruth Dill  9 Apr 1997Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I24734 Mindrum 
23 Wisco, Harold A. "Bud"  7 Oct 2005Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin I32340 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Whalen / Jolly  31 Aug 1880Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin F16581 Mindrum 
2 Wisco / Quinn  22 May 1946Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin F17368 Mindrum