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First/Given Name(s):


Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Eli  Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27452 Mindrum 
2 Bates, Hanford  7 May 1795Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16598 Mindrum 
3 Benedict, Caleb  6 Aug 1764Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27762 Mindrum 
4 Bishop, Fanny  20 May 1809Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28985 Mindrum 
5 Burritt, Sally  3 Aug 1789Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27895 Mindrum 
6 Crofut, Benedict  1 Jun 1817Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28882 Mindrum 
7 Gray, Deborah  9 Nov 1814Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28431 Mindrum 
8 Gray, Erastus  12 Sep 1810Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28426 Mindrum 
9 Gray, Pamelia  3 Jul 1809Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28425 Mindrum 
10 Gray, Pamelia  8 Mar 1819Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28435 Mindrum 
11 Gray, Peter Starr  22 Dec 1812Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28428 Mindrum 
12 Gray, Sarah  22 Mar 1821Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28437 Mindrum 
13 Gray, Smith Starr  31 May 1807Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28422 Mindrum 
14 Ives, Jerusha R.  18 May 1793Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28947 Mindrum 
15 Keeler, Betty Raymond  25 Aug 1865Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I18482 Mindrum 
16 Keeler, Mariette  13 Aug 1822Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29188 Mindrum 
17 Keeler, Ransom Russell  31 Aug 1825Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29193 Mindrum 
18 Keeler, William Obed  1 Jan 1819Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29184 Mindrum 
19 Merchant, Eliza Ann  10 May 1806Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24490 Mindrum 
20 Merchant, Niram Rockwell  1 Mar 1800Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24486 Mindrum 
21 Merchant, Orrin Gilbert  18 Jun 1803Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24488 Mindrum 
22 Phillips, Samuel  Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27761 Mindrum 
23 Pierce, Jeannie Elder  21 Apr 1888Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I18484 Mindrum 
24 Rockwell, Amos  25 Jul 1789Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24468 Mindrum 
25 Rockwell, Andrew  20 Oct 1791Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24470 Mindrum 
26 Rockwell, Ard S.  5 Dec 1783Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24460 Mindrum 
27 Rockwell, Asahel  12 Jan 1794Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24472 Mindrum 
28 Rockwell, Ashbel  10 Sep 1787Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24465 Mindrum 
29 Rockwell, Benjamin  19 May 1762Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I26995 Mindrum 
30 Rockwell, Benjamin S.  12 Feb 1780Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24457 Mindrum 
31 Rockwell, Betsey  Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I26999 Mindrum 
32 Rockwell, Caroline  2 Jun 1806Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24511 Mindrum 
33 Rockwell, Eli  26 Apr 1778Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27001 Mindrum 
34 Rockwell, Ezra  1780Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27005 Mindrum 
35 Rockwell, Kezia  3 Sep 1785Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24462 Mindrum 
36 Rockwell, Levi  7 May 1769Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I26997 Mindrum 
37 Rockwell, Phebe  6 May 1804Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24509 Mindrum 
38 Rockwell, Theodesia  26 Sep 1779Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27003 Mindrum 
39 Rockwell, Theron C.  12 Dec 1845Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I30106 Mindrum 
40 Stone, Oliver  28 Mar 1799Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28972 Mindrum 
41 Wildman, Anna  18 Aug 1810Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28970 Mindrum 
42 Wildman, Betty  19 Sep 1765Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27386 Mindrum 
43 Wildman, Daniel Jr.  10 Dec 1763Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27385 Mindrum 
44 Wildman, Mary  28 Feb 1767Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27387 Mindrum 
45 Wildman, Nathan  25 Oct 1769Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27388 Mindrum 
46 Wildman, Nathan  5 Aug 1794Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28564 Mindrum 
47 Wildman, Sarah  11 Apr 1787Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28913 Mindrum 
48 Wood?, Lucy  28 Jul 1812Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16594 Mindrum 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anson, Polly  6 Mar 1870Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27519 Mindrum 
2 Arnold, Hannah  Dec Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28364 Mindrum 
3 Barnum, Thomas  Dec Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29013 Mindrum 
4 Beard, Elizabeth Field  15 Dec 1842Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28955 Mindrum 
5 Benedict, Abraham  Bef 15 Jun 1779Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I17768 Mindrum 
6 Benedict, Caleb  23 Mar 1848Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27762 Mindrum 
7 Benedict, Daniel  Aft 1723Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I39561 Mindrum 
8 Benedict, Daniel  27 Oct 1853Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29019 Mindrum 
9 Benedict, James  Aft 1717Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I39560 Mindrum 
10 Benedict, Lemuel Wildman  6 Mar 1853Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28946 Mindrum 
11 Benedict, Nathaniel  Bef 11 Dec 1767Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I17709 Mindrum 
12 Benedict, Sally (Sarah)  19 May 1892Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29031 Mindrum 
13 Benedict, Samuel  Bef 20 Mar 1719Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16655 Mindrum 
14 Benedict, Samuel  18 Jan 1734/35Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16698 Mindrum 
15 Benedict, Sarah  30 Apr 1850Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28942 Mindrum 
16 Benedict, Thomas  Bef 6 Dec 1714Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16700 Mindrum 
17 Boland, Belinda  11 Apr 1868Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27760 Mindrum 
18 Bradley, Anna  18 Aug 1810Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27504 Mindrum 
19 Case, Eliza  7 Dec 1895Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27368 Mindrum 
20 Cook, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1842Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28327 Mindrum 
21 Crosby, Lydia  29 Dec 1851Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28958 Mindrum 
22 Cross, Elizabeth  1888Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28799 Mindrum 
23 Darling, Rachel  12 Apr 1860Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27537 Mindrum 
24 Deforest, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1849Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27328 Mindrum 
25 Ely, Catharine Isabella  1 May 1883Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28935 Mindrum 
26 Forrester, Jane Ann  24 Jun 1891Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29012 Mindrum 
27 Fry, John  4 Nov 1884Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28922 Mindrum 
28 Gregory, Judah  1733Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I39738 Mindrum 
29 Hamilton, Anna  17 Sep 1843Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27510 Mindrum 
30 Horton, Morgan  3 Mar 1893Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28856 Mindrum 
31 Hoyt, Betsey  Dec Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29192 Mindrum 
32 Hoyt, John  Abt 1711Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I39222 Mindrum 
33 Hoyt, Russell  Oct 1868Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28963 Mindrum 
34 Jones, Elizabeth Betsey  25 May 1850Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29695 Mindrum 
35 Keeler, Abigail  6 Mar 1873Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29919 Mindrum 
36 Keeler, Abraham Gray  23 Dec 1836Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27547 Mindrum 
37 Keeler, Eliza  19 Apr 1862Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29615 Mindrum 
38 Keeler, Mariette  14 Oct 1863Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29188 Mindrum 
39 Keeler, Timothy John Ely C.  17 Feb 1888Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I18480 Mindrum 
40 Keeler, Zophar Brush  2 Mar 1875Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29253 Mindrum 
41 Knapp, Moses  30 Oct 1753Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I18118 Mindrum 
42 Lobdell, Betsey  4 Dec 1884Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16597 Mindrum 
43 Lobdell, Betsey Ann  1 Jun 1831Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16595 Mindrum 
44 Lobdell, Edward  1 Sep 1824Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I16596 Mindrum 
45 Morris, Asher  12 Oct 1854Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I29049 Mindrum 
46 Norris, Eliza  16 Jun 1836Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I28376 Mindrum 
47 Norris, Stephen  3 Oct 1859Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27327 Mindrum 
48 Osborn, David  Abt 1750Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I24875 Mindrum 
49 Phillips, Samuel  Dec Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I27761 Mindrum 
50 Pickett, James  1701/2Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut I21686 Mindrum 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bartram / Arnold  Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19549 Mindrum 
2 Beard / Wildman  12 Jun 1826Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19913 Mindrum 
3 Buxton / Ferry  4 Apr 1711Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F12658 Mindrum 
4 Crofut / Rockwell  10 Jun 1838Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19863 Mindrum 
5 Hoyt / Wildman  Apr 1835Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19910 Mindrum 
6 Hyatt / Keeler  13 May 1844Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F20046 Mindrum 
7 Jost / Post  1 Sep 1934Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F10172 Mindrum 
8 Keeler / Clark  Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F20044 Mindrum 
9 Lobdell / Keeler  15 Apr 1856Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F20096 Mindrum 
10 Purdy / Rockwell  23 Mar 1780Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F15755 Mindrum 
11 Stone / Wildman  12 Mar 1823Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19916 Mindrum 
12 Wildman / Beard  29 Sep 1829Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19905 Mindrum 
13 Wildman / Benedict  17 Nov 1796Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19018 Mindrum 
14 Wildman / Bishop  9 May 1829Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19923 Mindrum 
15 Wildman / Rockwell  28 Oct 1762Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F15240 Mindrum 
16 Wildman / Rockwell  12 Jul 1764Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F15246 Mindrum 
17 Wildman / Stone  13 Dec 1792Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F18950 Mindrum 
18 Wildman / White  17 Mar 1811Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut F19023 Mindrum