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First/Given Name(s):


Winona, Winona, Minnesota



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dahl, Nellie Antonette  9 May 1886Winona, Winona, Minnesota I10368 Mindrum 
2 Datta, Robert Francis  5 Oct 1918Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12547 Mindrum 
3 Erickson, Beverly Ruth  8 Oct 1928Winona, Winona, Minnesota I4370 Mindrum 
4 Mindrum, Jon Lowell  11 Feb 1947Winona, Winona, Minnesota I1164 Mindrum 
5 Overland, Robert Lyle  25 Nov 1920Winona, Winona, Minnesota I4741 Mindrum 
6 Peterson, Stacey Ann  8 Apr 1965Winona, Winona, Minnesota I5953 Mindrum 
7 Roppe, Kristi Kay  27 Feb 1951Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13189 Mindrum 
8 Roppe, Rockwell James  11 Oct 1955Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13190 Mindrum 
9 Vann, Joseph  22 Feb 1870Winona, Winona, Minnesota I2927 Mindrum 
10 Vining, Anne Marie  22 Mar 1960Winona, Winona, Minnesota I5942 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anfinson, Ralph Godfred  10 Jul 1992Winona, Winona, Minnesota I106 Mindrum 
2 Bellock, Marian  9 Sep 2005Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38790 Mindrum 
3 Benson, Lillian Marie  9 Feb 2011Winona, Winona, Minnesota I4898 Mindrum 
4 Bunke, Delmer Charles  19 Jan 2012Winona, Winona, Minnesota I4899 Mindrum 
5 Burke, Michael  28 Apr 1967Winona, Winona, Minnesota I5790 Mindrum 
6 Carlson, Barbara Beth  9 Nov 2005Winona, Winona, Minnesota I14566 Mindrum 
7 Colbenson, Carroll Orvin  30 Aug 1993Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38658 Mindrum 
8 Colbenson, Catherine Barbara  28 Oct 2014Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38770 Mindrum 
9 Colbenson, George Leonell  23 Jul 1982Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38784 Mindrum 
10 Colbenson, Helen Kathleen  2 Oct 2002Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38778 Mindrum 
11 Colbenson, Henry Carl  26 Aug 1968Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38775 Mindrum 
12 Colbenson, John Nels  25 May 1959Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38759 Mindrum 
13 Dahle, Clara  30 Nov 1980Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38776 Mindrum 
14 Datta, Michael Anthony  30 Dec 1979Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12553 Mindrum 
15 Datta, Robert Francis  13 Sep 2017Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12547 Mindrum 
16 Doblar, Adam Joseph  19 Aug 2003Winona, Winona, Minnesota I11315 Mindrum 
17 Dubbs, Maynard Jerome  3 Feb 1983Winona, Winona, Minnesota I14940 Mindrum 
18 Eggen, Elaine Lavalle  28 Aug 2016Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12546 Mindrum 
19 Eggen, Elberta Dorothy  19 Oct 1985Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12639 Mindrum 
20 Eggen, Roswell Matthew  18 Nov 2009Winona, Winona, Minnesota I12590 Mindrum 
21 Fetting, Dorothy Ann  6 May 2005Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38708 Mindrum 
22 Gilbertson, Gladys Dorthy  28 Jan 1963Winona, Winona, Minnesota I33591 Mindrum 
23 Honsey, Harvey Ernest  14 Jan 2002Winona, Winona, Minnesota I9452 Mindrum 
24 James, Lester (Snook) Dauchy  1 Dec 1971Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13191 Mindrum 
25 James, Myrtle Marian Pete  13 May 1962Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13187 Mindrum 
26 Johnson, Marian  16 Feb 1994Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13192 Mindrum 
27 Mindrum, Otto Christian  25 Mar 1949Winona, Winona, Minnesota I1206 Mindrum 
28 Nelson, Leon William  1 Sep 1969Winona, Winona, Minnesota I31417 Mindrum 
29 Overland, Cornelia (Cora) J.  8 Jan 1983Winona, Winona, Minnesota I7975 Mindrum 
30 Overland, Doris Elaine  Dec 1994Winona, Winona, Minnesota I10635 Mindrum 
31 Overland, Joseph Stanley  24 Sep 1992Winona, Winona, Minnesota I8273 Mindrum 
32 Overland, Marie Gunhild  11 Oct 1969Winona, Winona, Minnesota I4264 Mindrum 
33 Overland, Nordahl Anthony  8 Jan 1998Winona, Winona, Minnesota I8310 Mindrum 
34 Roppe, Alfred Gehardt  24 Jul 1970Winona, Winona, Minnesota I13188 Mindrum 
35 Thompson, Marie Bergliot  24 Nov 1942Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38760 Mindrum 
36 Vose, Rory Neil  10 May 2008Winona, Winona, Minnesota I38091 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mindrum, Jon Lowell  1 Jun 1947Winona, Winona, Minnesota I1164 Mindrum 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berg / Dahl  3 Mar 1875Winona, Winona, Minnesota F7222 Mindrum 
2 Colbenson / Anderson  10 Aug 1940Winona, Winona, Minnesota F26362 Mindrum 
3 Colbenson / Kleist  14 Oct 1942Winona, Winona, Minnesota F26363 Mindrum 
4 Datta / Eggen  18 Aug 1941Winona, Winona, Minnesota F8603 Mindrum 
5 Eggen / Monson  4 Mar 1921Winona, Winona, Minnesota F8596 Mindrum 
6 James / Johnson  17 Oct 1943Winona, Winona, Minnesota F9161 Mindrum 
7 Marx / Nordness  16 Nov 1928Winona, Winona, Minnesota F2659 Mindrum 
8 Overland / Erickson  22 Oct 1949Winona, Winona, Minnesota F3077 Mindrum 
9 Wolter / Eggebakken  25 Mar 1944Winona, Winona, Minnesota F3616 Mindrum