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First/Given Name(s):


Syracuse, Onondaga, New York



Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avery, Harry Francis  3 Apr 1925Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37473
2 Marvin, Donald Webber  29 Mar 1890Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I16844
3 Marvin, Maude Marguerite  15 Nov 1888Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I16827
4 Muir, Rev. Walter Edward  12 Jul 1918Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37471
5 Tizzard, Edith  Abt 1924Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I41244
6 Whalen, Charles  22 Feb 1922Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I41245
7 Wicks, Joseph A. "Junior"  16 Jul 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37203
8 Wicks, Norman Edward  17 Jul 1925Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37205


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Phoebe Marie  24 Apr 1903Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I19290
2 Coon, Clarence Erford M.D.  22 Apr 1933Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I20031
3 Coon, Gertrude Lambertine  9 Apr 1915Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I23481
4 Curtis, Palmer Hunlock  29 Nov 1882Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37452
5 Curtis, Theressa Louise  25 Feb 1898Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37449
6 Dauchy, Harriet Abigail  10 Aug 1907Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I18038
7 Ehmann, Loretta Elsie  22 Apr 1988Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37979
8 Fage, Charlotte F.  Mar 1982Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I23484
9 Fearon, Margaret Adele  26 Jul 1972Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I16267
10 Howard, Irma Arline  15 Jun 1966Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37141
11 Hurd, Fanny  1 Feb 1895Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37453
12 Kern, Gertrude Bailey  15 Apr 1955Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I19578
13 Kern, Marie Arnold  8 Jan 1928Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I19577
14 Miner, Bertha Helen  17 Mar 1991Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I15402
15 Montgomery, James Derby  24 Jun 1991Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I14926
16 North, Belus Shepard Fletcher  5 Dec 1919Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I18324
17 Romer, Thomas E.  27 Apr 2008Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I16550
18 Rudiger, Louis  22 Jul 1969Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37211
19 Seeley, Obadiah  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I18367
20 Sizer, Daniel  6 Nov 1885Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I18040
21 Stevens, John Wilfred  2 Jan 1952Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37183
22 Tizzard, Edith  3 Jun 2003Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I41244
23 Tizzard, Homer W.  24 Nov 1972Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I21170
24 Tooke, Chandler Summerfield  6 Feb 1958Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I20047
25 Tooke, Gertrude M.  8 Jan 2001Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I13486
26 Tooke, James  18 Apr 1960Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I13481
27 Tooke, Leah  Oct 1976Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I19726
28 Tooke, Rev. Wesley Fletcher  11 May 1907Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I19370
29 Whalen, Charles  18 Mar 1963Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I41245
30 Wicks, Robert Logan  12 Jan 1949Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37200
31 Wicks, Roger Lewis  10 Oct 1961Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37204
32 Wicks, William Gaylord  12 Jan 1961Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37202


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fearon / Fuller  8 Jan 1890Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F11280
2 North / Sizer  15 Apr 1910Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F12692
3 Tooke / French  25 Jun 1919Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F9427
4 Tooke / Pattat  27 May 1891Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F13771