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Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anfinson, Ralph Godfred  15 Aug 1916Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I106 Mindrum 
2 Benson, Carl Helger  21 May 1901Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I6003 Mindrum 
3 Benson, Halvor Benhard  13 Jul 1897Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I6002 Mindrum 
4 Berland, Gunild Helmina  2 Jul 1890Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5224 Mindrum 
5 Bratberg, Alice Cathrine  19 Nov 1913Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I38877 Mindrum 
6 Christianson, Christian Andreas  26 Oct 1878Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1990 Mindrum 
7 Christianson, Edvard Nicolai  5 Sep 1880Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1991 Mindrum 
8 Christianson, Mathilde Randine  26 Apr 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1989 Mindrum 
9 Dale, Gena Bertina  31 Dec 1899Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I9577 Mindrum 
10 Ege, Omund  Abt 1865Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3845 Mindrum 
11 Eggebakken, Gusta Amalie  15 Dec 1890Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5193 Mindrum 
12 Eggebakken, Jerome  18 Mar 1921Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5015 Mindrum 
13 Eggebakken, Thea  5 Aug 1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5214 Mindrum 
14 Erickson, John H.  13 Jan 1862Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4784 Mindrum 
15 Erickson, Ole Helmer  30 Oct 1886Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5574 Mindrum 
16 Fossen, Gordon Maxwell  20 Jan 1912Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I14565 Mindrum 
17 Fossen, Lillian Veda  29 Jan 1910Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I13213 Mindrum 
18 Hanson, Oscar Bertinius  24 Feb 1896Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I9576 Mindrum 
19 Hovland, Joseph Gilman  17 May 1911Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5229 Mindrum 
20 Humble, Lloyd James  10 May 1915Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4268 Mindrum 
21 Humble, Minerva Agnes  15 Aug 1918Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4279 Mindrum 
22 Jacobson, Annie  4 Mar 1869Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3844 Mindrum 
23 Jacobson, Berent J.  18 Nov 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3863 Mindrum 
24 Jacobson, Carl  Jun 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3838 Mindrum 
25 Jacobson, Carl A. Charley  4 Jun 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3848 Mindrum 
26 Jacobson, Edward  3 Feb 1880Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3865 Mindrum 
27 Jacobson, Ida Caroline  30 May 1882Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3866 Mindrum 
28 Jacobson, Karen Oleanna  8 Nov 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3872 Mindrum 
29 Jacobson, Mathilda  4 Aug 1875Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3858 Mindrum 
30 Jacobson, Ole  21 Jun 1865Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3839 Mindrum 
31 Jensen, (Kathryn) Mina Catarina  30 Nov 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5789 Mindrum 
32 Jensen, Benhard T. (Ben)  10 Jul 1892Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5859 Mindrum 
33 Jensen, Clarinda Marie  15 Mar 1886Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5631 Mindrum 
34 Jensen, Lars C.  14 Apr 1861Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5627 Mindrum 
35 Landsverk, Margit Helene  4 Feb 1899Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I944 Mindrum 
36 Larson, Charly  11 Apr 1869Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5256 Mindrum 
37 Larson, Sam Steen  27 Mar 1862Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I5255 Mindrum 
38 Magelssen, Hans Gunther  20 Aug 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I37889 Mindrum 
39 Magelssen, Nels Stockfleth  19 Mar 1880Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I37888 Mindrum 
40 Magelssen, Wilhelm Christian  19 Sep 1873Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I37890 Mindrum 
41 Mindrum, Arnold Milford  10 Aug 1904Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1105 Mindrum 
42 Mindrum, Berit Jonette "Bertha"  20 Jan 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1107 Mindrum 
43 Mindrum, Edward Nicolai  21 Jan 1873Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1133 Mindrum 
44 Mindrum, Ella Otilde  31 Dec 1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1135 Mindrum 
45 Mindrum, Emma Bertine  19 Dec 1901Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1136 Mindrum 
46 Mindrum, Gina Josefine  4 Apr 1878Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1142 Mindrum 
47 Mindrum, James Emil  27 May 1906Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1154 Mindrum 
48 Mindrum, Norman Christian  11 Sep 1917Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1195 Mindrum 
49 Mindrum, Ole Andreas  9 Sep 1867Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1197 Mindrum 
50 Mindrum, Oline (Lena) Margrethe  28 Sep 1890Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1199 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benson, Halvor Benhard  6 Mar 1929Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I6002 Mindrum 
2 Carstensen, Ole Andreas  11 Sep 1894Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1198 Mindrum 
3 Gr√łttum (Skogan), Rasmus Johnsen  24 Feb 1896Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2186 Mindrum 
4 Groettum, Maren Marta  18 Apr 1909Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2041 Mindrum 
5 Gudenun, Isach Taraldsen  31 Mar 1899Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2144 Mindrum 
6 Haug, Margrethe Christine Andersdatter  4 Aug 1910Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2143 Mindrum 
7 Haug, Martha Andersdatter  10 Sep 1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2185 Mindrum 
8 Haug, Ole Christiansen  5 Jul 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I751 Mindrum 
9 Jacobson, Carl  Abt 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3838 Mindrum 
10 Lie, Berithe Baardsdatter  18 Sep 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I124 Mindrum 
11 Mindrum, Ole Andreas  5 Nov 1915Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1197 Mindrum 
12 Mindrum, Oline Petrine Olsdatter  27 Jul 1930Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I320 Mindrum 
13 Olsdotter Kilen, Tone  13 Sep 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I3034 Mindrum 
14 Olson, Berit Jonette  27 Jan 1883Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1411 Mindrum 
15 Olson, Edvard Norius  22 Jan 1872Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1415 Mindrum 
16 Olson, Peter Magnus  17 Sep 1931Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1434 Mindrum 
17 Overland, Andrew Knud  1 Jul 1916Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4133 Mindrum 
18 Overland, Gynther1  13 Jun 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4251 Mindrum 
19 Overland, Johannes Olavson  24 Aug 1882Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I2593 Mindrum 
20 Overland, Olga Eleanora  16 Apr 1935Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1520 Mindrum 
21 Wennes, Christian Arntsen  1 Jan 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I113 Mindrum 
22 Wennes, Pauline C. Arntsdtr  12 Oct 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I116 Mindrum 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Olson, Gunerius  Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1417 Mindrum 
2 Wennes, Christian Arntsen  Aft 1 Jan 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I113 Mindrum 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anfinson, Olaf Peter  20 Sep 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I104 Mindrum 
2 Anfinson, Oscar  11 Dec 1881Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I105 Mindrum 
3 Anfinson, Ralph Godfred  1 Oct 1916Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I106 Mindrum 
4 Landsverk, Margit Helene  23 Apr 1899Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I944 Mindrum 
5 Mindrum, Alf Godtfred  10 Aug 1924Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1097 Mindrum 
6 Mindrum, Berit Jonette "Bertha"  17 Feb 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1107 Mindrum 
7 Mindrum, Edward Nicolai  16 Feb 1873Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1133 Mindrum 
8 Mindrum, Ella Otilde  2 Feb 1896Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1135 Mindrum 
9 Mindrum, Gina Josefine  28 Apr 1878Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1142 Mindrum 
10 Mindrum, Norman Christian  21 Oct 1917Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1195 Mindrum 
11 Mindrum, Ole Andreas  1 Oct 1867Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1197 Mindrum 
12 Mindrum, Oline (Lena) Margrethe  31 Oct 1890Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1199 Mindrum 
13 Mindrum, Otto Christian  10 Apr 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1206 Mindrum 
14 Mindrum, Palmer Milton  24 Nov 1898Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1207 Mindrum 
15 Mindrum, Paul Bernhard  12 Sep 1869Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1210 Mindrum 
16 Mindrum, Paul Milton  11 Feb 1923Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1212 Mindrum 
17 Mindrum, Peter Melvin  5 May 1889Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1215 Mindrum 
18 Mindrum, Peter Oscar  15 Apr 1881Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1216 Mindrum 
19 Myer, Howard Lester  5 Sep 1915Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1355 Mindrum 
20 Myer, Thelma Judith  27 Aug 1911Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1358 Mindrum 
21 Ness, Annie K.  8 Nov 1885Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8297 Mindrum 
22 Olson, Berit Jonette  26 Sep 1875Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1411 Mindrum 
23 Olson, Christ Andrew (Christian Andreas)  24 Jul 1864Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1453 Mindrum 
24 Olson, Edvard Norius  27 Dec 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1415 Mindrum 
25 Olson, Edward Gunerius  20 May 1866Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1416 Mindrum 
26 Olson, Gunild Maria  16 Oct 1864Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1418 Mindrum 
27 Olson, James Gust  21 May 1871Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1419 Mindrum 
28 Olson, Julia Maria  21 Apr 1867Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1480 Mindrum 
29 Olson, Ole Bertinius  9 Sep 1861Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1431 Mindrum 
30 Olson, Ole Lewis  24 Apr 1864Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1432 Mindrum 
31 Olson, Olene Petrine (Lena)  27 Oct 1872Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1433 Mindrum 
32 Olson, Peter Bent  24 Dec 1862Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1494 Mindrum 
33 Overland, Aletta Karen (Lettie)  3 Sep 1882Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7970 Mindrum 
34 Overland, Cora Mathilde  31 Aug 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7971 Mindrum 
35 Overland, Edward (Eddie)  11 Sep 1870Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7966 Mindrum 
36 Overland, George Carl  11 Oct 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8286 Mindrum 
37 Overland, Gladys Jorgine  17 Oct 1909Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8274 Mindrum 
38 Overland, Hans  5 Feb 1882Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4135 Mindrum 
39 Overland, James Martin  5 Sep 1915Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4305 Mindrum 
40 Overland, Jorgen Sten (George)  16 Dec 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4247 Mindrum 
41 Overland, Joseph Stanley  29 Nov 1906Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8273 Mindrum 
42 Overland, Kirsten Berdine  16 Jun 1872Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7967 Mindrum 
43 Overland, Olaf Helmer  8 Jun 1879Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4447 Mindrum 
44 Overland, Ole Andrew  19 Nov 1882Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4159 Mindrum 
45 Overland, Ole Helmer  18 Aug 1878Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4167 Mindrum 
46 Overland, Olga Eleanora  4 Jan 1891Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1520 Mindrum 
47 Overland, Peder Helmer  6 Jun 1880Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7969 Mindrum 
48 Overland, Selma Marie  3 Oct 1886Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7972 Mindrum 
49 Overland, Signe  31 Jul 1921Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8290 Mindrum 
50 Overland, Signe Calena "Carrie"  6 Jun 1880Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4246 Mindrum 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anfinson, Olaf Peter  25 Aug 1929Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I104 Mindrum 
2 Anfinson, Oscar  8 Aug 1897Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I105 Mindrum 
3 Anfinson, Ralph Godfred  16 Aug 1931Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I106 Mindrum 
4 Eggen, Emma C.  1891Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I12499 Mindrum 
5 Mindrum, Alf Godtfred  27 Aug 1939Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1097 Mindrum 
6 Mindrum, Berit Jonette "Bertha"  26 Nov 1899Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1107 Mindrum 
7 Mindrum, Edward Nicolai  2 Oct 1887Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1133 Mindrum 
8 Mindrum, Gina Josefine  11 Jun 1893Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1142 Mindrum 
9 Mindrum, Ole Andreas  3 Jul 1881Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1197 Mindrum 
10 Mindrum, Oline (Lena) Margrethe  23 Sep 1906Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1199 Mindrum 
11 Mindrum, Oline Petrine Olsdatter  11 Aug 1861Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I320 Mindrum 
12 Mindrum, Otto Christian  31 Aug 1902Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1206 Mindrum 
13 Mindrum, Paul Bernhard  16 Mar 1884Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1210 Mindrum 
14 Mindrum, Paul Milton  5 Sep 1937Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1212 Mindrum 
15 Mindrum, Peter Melvin  29 Nov 1903Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1215 Mindrum 
16 Mindrum, Peter Oscar  8 Aug 1897Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1216 Mindrum 
17 Olson, Christ Andrew (Christian Andreas)  20 Jul 1879Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1453 Mindrum 
18 Olson, Ole Bertinius  8 Aug 1875Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1431 Mindrum 
19 Olson, Peter Magnus  11 Aug 1861Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1434 Mindrum 
20 Overland, (Gunild Kalina) Calena  1893Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4150 Mindrum 
21 Overland, Cornelia (Cora) J.  23 Sep 1906Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7975 Mindrum 
22 Overland, Hans  8 Aug 1897Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4135 Mindrum 
23 Overland, Jorgen Sten (George)  11 Jun 1893Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4247 Mindrum 
24 Overland, Marie Gunhild  31 Aug 1902Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4264 Mindrum 
25 Overland, Ole Andrew  8 Aug 1897Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4159 Mindrum 
26 Overland, Ole Helmer  11 Jun 1893Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4167 Mindrum 
27 Overland, Olga Eleanora  23 Sep 1906Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I1520 Mindrum 
28 Overland, Olive Katherine  27 Aug 1935Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4258 Mindrum 
29 Overland, Peder Helmer  1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7969 Mindrum 
30 Overland, Selma Marie  31 Aug 1902Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I7972 Mindrum 
31 Overland, Signe  27 Aug 1935Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I8290 Mindrum 
32 Overland, Signe Calena "Carrie"  11 Jun 1893Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4246 Mindrum 
33 Overland, Tilla  1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota I4448 Mindrum 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anfinson / Martin  10 Mar 1946Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F22 Mindrum 
2 Anfinson / Mindrum  30 Dec 1912Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F23 Mindrum 
3 Benson / Byholt  4 May 1929Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F4198 Mindrum 
4 Dammen / Overland  31 May 1947Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5795 Mindrum 
5 Edenloff / Mindrum  18 Jul 1908Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F136 Mindrum 
6 Eiken / Jensen  31 May 1909Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3944 Mindrum 
7 Fossum / Berland  13 Jul 1910Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3664 Mindrum 
8 Humble / Overland  21 Feb 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3008 Mindrum 
9 Humble / Overland  24 Sep 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3302 Mindrum 
10 Jacobson / Kittleson  1864Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F2689 Mindrum 
11 Mindrum / Franson  25 Mar 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F381 Mindrum 
12 Mindrum / Johnson  23 Mar 1895Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F380 Mindrum 
13 Mindrum / Landsverk  2 Dec 1921Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F405 Mindrum 
14 Mindrum / Overland  30 Jun 1915Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F403 Mindrum 
15 Mindrum / Rein  14 Mar 1889Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F396 Mindrum 
16 Moe / Dahl  22 Jun 1872Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F7281 Mindrum 
17 Myer / Mindrum  16 Nov 1910Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F462 Mindrum 
18 Nordby / Overland  25 Dec 1859Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F2776 Mindrum 
19 Oien / Anfinson  29 Sep 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F1486 Mindrum 
20 Olson / Larsdatter  15 Dec 1862Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F481 Mindrum 
21 Olson / Mindrum  11 Feb 1867Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F482 Mindrum 
22 Olson / Mindrum  17 Dec 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F495 Mindrum 
23 Olson / Olsdatter  15 Dec 1862Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F478 Mindrum 
24 Overland / Engrav  19 May 1951Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5672 Mindrum 
25 Overland / Gaarder  19 May 1910Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3000 Mindrum 
26 Overland / Gjerdrum  2 Oct 1954Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3088 Mindrum 
27 Overland / Johnson  16 Jun 1923Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5577 Mindrum 
28 Overland / Overland  11 Nov 1905Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F2996 Mindrum 
29 Overland / Rein  14 Mar 1889Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5567 Mindrum 
30 Overland / Royrhelle  25 Nov 1877Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F2918 Mindrum 
31 Overland / Rue  30 Oct 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3231 Mindrum 
32 Overland / Smestad  27 Oct 1914Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F3032 Mindrum 
33 Peterson / Overland  23 Oct 1909Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5574 Mindrum 
34 Rasmussen / Overland  15 Oct 1937Norway Twp., Fillmore, Minnesota F5785 Mindrum