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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S9 
Lorraine Anfinson's Family History Book 
2 S22 
RootsWeb.com Riess family message board 17 Oct 2000 
3 S23 
Aileen Holovacs-S. Bound Brook, NJ-a_holovacs@hotmail.com-17 Jan 2002 
4 S24 
Digitalarkivet: Norwegians living in Minnesota according to 1880 C.  
5 S29 
Holland Family History and Tree, Diana Holland Faust www.betterthanmost.com/holland/default. 
6 S30 
Lanesboro, MN Online Newspaper-http://www.hometown-pages.com/99obitM.htm 
7 S36 
Nåkkå tå kvart frå Kvam og Følling, Utgitt av Kvam Historielag 1990 
8 S48 
Overland Family History, Audrey Overland, Lorna Anderson, 1986 
9 S60 
Kjell Saxvik, letter to Ralph and Lorraine Anfinson, 27 Oct 1991 
10 S115 
E-mail from Jerry Henke, Fillmore County History Center, 9 Apr 2003, regarding marriage record at Vital Statistics Office, Preston, MN 
11 S116 
E-mail from Jerry Henke, Fillmore County History Center, 10 Apr 2003 
12 S119 
E-mail from Linda Mindrum, 18 Jul 2003 
13 S120 
E-mail from Linda Mindrum, 20 Jul 2003 
14 S125 
E-mail from Gilbert Groven, 6 Sep 2003 
15 S127 
Linda Mindrum, e-mail dated 27 Aug 2003 
16 S130 
E-mail from Sigrun Haugtrø, 29 June 2004 
17 S131 
E-mail from Jon Mindrum, 30 Jun 2004 
18 S132 
E-mail from Jeanine Mindrum, 2 Jul 2004 
19 S159 
History of Fillmore County, Minnesota, compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, 1912, pp. 1039-1040 
20 S164 
Rushford History, Chapter IX, Jewelry Stores, undated 
21 S167 
Portrait of New Canaan, The History of a Connecticut Town, Mary Louise King, New Canaan Historical Society, p.169 
22 S173 
Samuel E. Raymond, Raymond Genealogy, Descendants of Richard Raymond, Vol. 1, Part 2 
23 S174 
Samuel E. Raymond, Raymond Genealogy, Descendants of Richard Raymond, Vol. 1, Part 3 
24 S175 
Samuel E. Raymond, Raymond Genealogy, Descendants of Richard Raymond, Vol. 1, Part 1 
25 S180 
Orline St. John Alexander, The St. John Genealogy 
26 S193 
George L. Rockwell, The History of Ridgefield Connecticut 
27 S199 
History of Rushford: Railroad Boom Town, Volume II, published locally by the Rushford Area Historical Society from a collection of historical notes presented to the society by Alden O. Droivold, DVM. 1987 
28 S202 
Portrait and Biographical Record of Portland and Vicinity Oregon  
29 S204 
Wm. H. Wilcoxson, History of Stratford Connecticut, 1639-1969 
30 S205 
The Descendants of David Scott (1678-1760) of Ridgefield, CT 
31 S206 
Lloyd A. Horrocks, Ancestry World Tree Project, Horrocks, Philips, Winget, Keeler, Clark, Watson, Lockwood, Strong, Gates and ancestors. 
32 S207 
Lovan-Lewis Genealogy, www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/7447/main.html 
33 S211 
St. Stephen’s Church, Ridgefield, CT 1725-1975, Robert Haight, c. 1975 
34 S217 
New Canaan Historical Society Annual, 1965, p. 41 
35 S219 
Ancestry Public Tree, Saxton-Millar Genealogy Project, www.ancestry.com 
36 S220 
Donald L. Jacobus, Families of Ancient New Haven 
37 S221 
Samuel Raymond, Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England 
38 S226 
Ancestry Public Tree, Williams Family Tree, www.ancestry.com 
39 S266 
www.familysearch.org, Ancestral File Submission: AF95-108692, David Sandmire, 201 St. Mary S Blvd, Green Bay, WI 54301 
40 S274 
41 S275 
Julia Lobdell, Simon Lobdell-1646 of Milford, Conn. and his descendants 
42 S277 
Ancestry Public Tree, M.D., www.ancestry.com 
43 S279 
Eli Azariah Day, ancestry World Tree, Dan Baker, danbaker@byu.net 
44 S284 
Ancestry Public Tree, canicke, www.ancestry.com 
45 S286 
S. Whitney Phoenix, The Whitney Family of Connecticut 
46 S289 
Ancestry Public Tree, K.O., www.ancestry.com 
47 S292 
James Boughton, A Genealogy of the Families of John Rockwell of Stamford, Conn., 1641, and Ralph Keeler, of Hartford, Conn, 1639 
48 S294 
Ancestry Public Tree, MARY E LEISHER CAMPBELL #1_2009-10-19_01, www.ancestry.com 
49 S300 
Torleif Tinholt-Ulefoss Norway, in Overland Family History 
50 S301 
Kviteseid Bygdebok, compiled by Lorna Anderson, Overland Family History 

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