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51  Finch, John (I40611)
52  Crocker, Clark Leonard Hadden (I41078)
53 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I41523)
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I41590)
55 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I41591)
56  Family F12399

Alternate: Clarissa Wilson

Alternate birth date: 28 Jul 1812
Alternate birth date: 29 Jul 1809
Alternate birth date: 28 Jul 1812

Clarissa's gravestone reads:
Great God I own the sentence just
and nature must decay.
I yield my body to the dust
to dwell with fellow clay.

STB Clarissa Harlow Woods, b. 28 Feb 1812, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL, m. 5 Jun 1831, Springfield, Sangamon, IL. d. 7 Feb 1864, Darlington, Lafayette, WI

1860 US Census, Wisconsin, Lafayette, Centre, Clarissa Anderson, 46, value of real estate 2600, value of personal estate 600, born IL, with children William 21 Farmer born WI, John 16 Farmer born WI, James 14 born WI, Jessy 12 born WI, enumerated 31 Jul 1860

Daughter of John Woods, b. Madison, Sangana, Illinois, 1793 and Fanny Saxton, b. 21 Oct 1787, Chatoque, NY, daughter of James Saxton, b. 1771, Chautauqua, NY and Huldah, b. 1775, Chautauqua, NY. www.ancestry.com 
Woods, Clarissa Harlow (I20088)
58 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1048)

Living in Lanesboro 1955 
Mindrum, Caryl Frederic (I1115)

Of Stamford, made freeman Oct 1669; married Sarah Hoyt, daughter of Simon. Will 28 Sep 1697; wife Sarah; sons Samuel, Joseph; daughters Sarah Holly, Martha Mead, Susannah Seeley, Rachel Finch. Inv. 20 May 1698

Samuel Finch, son of John Finch and his second wife, Martha, was born about 1638, probably in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony, or in Wethersfield, Connecticut Colony. He died at Stamford, Connecticut Colony, 23 Apr 1698. Samuel married Sarah Hoyt, daughter of Simon and Susanna (Smith) Hoyt. Sarah died 19 Mar 1712/3.
He was propounded as a freeman of the Connecticut Colony on 14 Oct 1669. Samuel filled a variety of town offices. He served as fence viewer in 1679 and 1690; as surveyor of "cartways" in 1680 and of highways in 1685, and ten years later Samuel Finch Sr., Benjamin Hait and Sgt. Samuel Hait were named as surveyors for "ye whole town." Samuel Finch was made a sheepmaster in 1685, a lister in 1689, and a pounder in 1694. He served on only two town committees, in each instance being charged with the duty of laying out land.
A few of Samuel's land rights and transactions were recorded in Stamford Town Records. In 1677 he was among those named as having rights to take up commonage. He drew lot No. 12 in the 1677 distribution and in that same year, received 16 acres for maintaining the floodgates at Tilesome. Also recorded in Stamford Land Records were three deeds in which Samuel Finch was the grantor and a like number in he was grantee, during the period 1675 to 1697.
On 28 Sep 1697 Samuel Finch Sr. of Stamford executed four deeds of gift. They were not recorded in Stamford Land Records, however, but were recorded in Fairfield Probate Records as though they collectively constituted a will and testament. Gifts were made to son Samuel, wife Sarah, son Joseph, daughters Sarah Holly, Martha Mead, Susannah Seely and Rachel Finch.
An inventory of the estate of Samuel Finch was taken 20 May 1698 with a total appraised value of £321:09:03.
Samuel Finch and his wife, Sarah Hoyt, had six children: Sarah, Samuel Jr., Martha, Susanna, Rachel and Joseph. 
Finch, Samuel (I13780)

William Odell was closely related in all likelihood, to Mary Odell who married at Salford, co. Bedford, England, 12 Jul 1630, Benjamin Turney. The Turneys were with William Odell in Concord and Fairfield. Mary had no brother William, but she had three uncles, Richard, Thomas and William, all known to have had children and suitable in age for the paternity of William. Newport Pagnell, co. Bucks, where William had a fracas in 1637 (and in 1639 was reported in New England), is very close to Salford, and only about five miles from Cranfield, co. Bedford, home town of the Wheelers of Concord and Fairfield, where Odells were numerous. Until the parentage of William is established by record evidence, various claims of his exalted descent which have been put forward rest on no firmer foundation than the unsupported asseveration of their proponents. 
Odell, Mary (I39812)
1850 US Census, Illinois, Kendall, Bristol, William Karnes, 56, carpenter, value of real estate 2000, born Ireland, Elizabeth 53, born Ireland, John 29, farmer, born NY, William 28, farmer, born NY, Hellen 22, born NY, Susan 20, born NY, Joseph 18, born Canada, Mary 15, born Canada, Elizabeth 13, born Michigan, Caroline 8, born Illinois, George 50 (apparently not William's brother), farmer, born Ireland, enumerated 11 Sep 1850

1860 US Census, Illinois, Kendall, Bristol, J. N. Kern, 38, farmer, value of real estate 12000, value of personal estate 1660, born NY, William 66, born Ireland, Elizabeth 63, born Ireland, Susan 26, born NY, Elizabeth 21, born Canada, Caroline 18, born IL, Wm Cooney 18, farmhand, Wm 28, farmhand, James 27, farmhand, enumerated 26 Jul 1860

1870 US Census, California, Tulare, Visalia, John M. Kern, 46, marble cutter, value of personal estate 800, born NY, with wife Mary J. 32, born NY, children Anna B. 7, born IL, Charles H. 4, born IL
Kerne on Kendall Co. Marriage Index

Alternate year of birth: ca 1823
Alternate place of birth: New York
Alternate year of death: 1906 
Kern, John Newton (I19337)
1920 US Census, Iowa, Osceola, Holman, Rose Bailey, rents home, 42, widow, immigrated to US in 1887, alien, born Germany, parents born Germany, no occupation, daughter Marie, 17, born IA, father born IL, mother born Germany, daughter Jenne, 16, born IA, father born IL, mother born Germany, son Edward, 2-10/12, born IA, father born IL, mother born Germany

1940 US Census, Iowa, Black Hawk, Waterloo, Edward L. Bailey, lodger, 23, single, education C5, born IA, lived in Sioux Falls, SD on 1 Apr 1935, school, new worker, nursery

Edward Bailey, b. 23 Jan 1917, Sibley, Osceloa, Iowa, father George Bailey 
Bailey, Edward Lee (I145)
1930 US Census, Kentucky, Knox, District 8, Lizzie Shoaf, head, 65, divorced, born KY, farmer general farm, daughter Minnie, 29, born KY, worker general farm, son Willie, 34, first married 31, born KY, labor general, daughter in law Rhoda, 20, first married 17, born KY, worker general farm, grandson Adar, 2, born KY 
Shoaf, Willie L. (I33068)
1930 US Census, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Samuel J. Caddy, 41, born England, gear-painter farm implements, wife Blanche, 33, daughter Margaret L. 13, son Samuel, 8, born WI, daughter Betty A. 3, daughter Mary J., 9/12

1940 US Census, Michigan, Dicksinson, Norway, Samuel J. Caddy, 52, education H2, born England, lived in Milwaukee, WI on 1 Apr 1935, laborer farm, wife Blanche, 45, education H4, born MI, son Samuel Jr., 18, born WI, daughter Betty Ann, 13, born WI, daughter Mary Jane, 11, born WI, daughter Catherine Faith, 6, born WI

Samuel James Caddy, b. 6 Apr 1888, Cornwall, England, residence Fredonia, WI

Samuel James Caddy, b. 16 Apr 1888, Cornwall, England, d. 1949, Norway, Dickinson, Michigan

Samuel married again after Blance died in 1946 
Caddy, Samuel James (I32329)
Alternate birth date: 31 Oct 1887

1930 US Census, Minnesota, Yellow Medicine, Hanley Falls, Edmund T. Anderson, 42, first married age 37, born MN, garage owner, with wife Agnes 29, daughter Ethel A. 2-8/12

Graduated, He also attended Dunwoody Institute. 1 Jun 1924 
Anderson, Edmund Theodore (I91)
Clement Buxton, Jr. was born about 1646, for he was "aged about 46 years" when he deposed 6 June 1692 at the witchcraft trial of Elizabeth Clason. The parentage of his wife, Judith, has not been determined. "Judah," wife of Clement Buxton, died 15 February 1722/3 (Stamford Town Records, 1:152), and Clement died 13 January 1724/5 (ibid., 2:139).
The tax list dated 28 January 1701/2 records Clement Buxton with an estate assessed at £112: 00: 06 (Stamford Land Records, A:376).
On 10 December 1702 "Clemant" Buxton entered his earmark in the town records as "one halfe peney under ye neare eare."
Mr. Buxton was much in demand to perform the various duties of citizens of his time. He was chosen a fence viewer at 10 town meetings during the period 1672-1711; pounder in 1672, 1683, 1700 and 1704; surveyor of highways eight times from 1686 to 1720, and lister, 1710. At the town meeting held 29 December 1698 Clement was named as one of two citizens to collect the tax for compensating Mr. Davenport, the minister. On 7 December 1702 he was permitted to alter the "highway in ye north field on ye west side ye tobaca lott hill." At the 8 March 1709/10 town meeting Clement Buxton, or possibly his son of that name, was chosen to announce the town meetings, and it is recorded that "The tow' by vote do grant to the warner of the town meetings, 4 shilings for each time of war'ing & he is to warn all the inhabitants of the town." On 14 January 1717/8 he was first honored in the public records with the title of respect, when "Mr. Clement Buxton sen'r" was appointed one of a committee of three to inspect, bound and stake out the country road westward to Greenwich.
Clement Buxton dealt actively in Stamford real estate. He was the grantee in 48 transactions, including six layouts by the town, in the period 1668 to 1713, and grantor in 28 deeds dated from 1668 to 1719. His son of that name, however, who became of age in 1704, may well have been the principal in some of those deeds.
Two of the transactions recorded in Stamford Land Records, A:18-9, are of particular interest. In the first, dated 8 March 1666/7, Nicholas Knapp, by virtue of his "mariage of ye Widdow Buxston" having become administrator of the £ 179:18:05 estate of her late husband, Clement Buxton Sr., conveyed to the latter's son, Clement Buxton Jr., "now of age to receve his portions of his deseised father's estate," a one-third part of the estate, consisting of a house, home lot, meadows and upland in Stamford. On his part, Clement Buxton Jr. agreed to "give and grant liberty unto his father in law, ye aforesaid Nicholas, and his mother, to live and dwelle in the house" for the remainder of their lives, and to use one-half of the orchard, garden, etc., keeping all in "competent repayer."
The second document states in its entirety:
Be it known unto all men whome it may concerne yt I, Nicholas Knap, doth by vertue of this writing, give unto Clement Buxton a beding in y house w'ch I now am resident in, and what conveniancy I can conveniantly acommedate him w'th all for stoedg (storage) of what necisary things he have to put in, so yt it may be understood I grant him this priveledge as long as I shall live in the house. This my agreement made 9ty March '66. Witnesses: Petter Disbro, Dan'll Weede. Ye mark X of Nicholas Knape 
Buxton, Clement Jr. (I38528)
GREEN Richard Jr. Beloved husband of the late Ethel. Loving father, dear grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, loving uncle, brother-in-law, also survived by best friend and pet Furbe, also survived by many other dear friends and family members. Friends may call at Kenwood Baptist Church 8341 Kenwood Rd. Friday July 13th from 10 A.M. until time of funeral service at 11 A.M. The family asks that memorials please be made to Shriners Hospital for Children 3229 Burnet Ave. Cincinnati Oh, 45229. Thomas-Justin Memorial serving the family.

Alternate date of birth: 22 Sep 1923 
Green, Richard Jr. (I32880)
69 ! Heloise Day Manuscript. B.T.'s Chesterfield, Derby, Eng. GS 55286 pt 18. Wingerworth Par. Reg. GS 56258 pt 80. Catholic Families of England GS Folio 924.02hl pp 110-114. Marina Jane Hunloke was known as Lady Mary. Rel: Rex 3 gg son Hunloke, (Lady Mary) Marina Jane (I17906)
70 ! Roman Cath. Families of Eng. Folio GS 924.02lh. Wingerworth Par. Reg & Hunloke Wills GS 56528 pt 80. Manuel of Heloise Day taken from the Broomhead Record in 1946 in Eng. Children & births of children entered by Henry Hunloke (father) at the College of ARms Victoria St, London 2 Jun 1783 & 18 June 1787. Margaret was 69 years old when she died 22 Jan 1821. Rel: Rex 4 gg son Coke, Margaret (I17908)
71 ! Roman Cath. Families of Eng. Folio GS 924.02lh. Wingerworth Par. Reg & Hunloke Wills GS 56528 pt 80. Manuel of Heloise Day taken from the Broomhead Record in 1946 in Eng. Children & births of children entered by Henry Hunloke (father) at the College of ARms Victoria St, London 2 Jun 1783 & 18 June 1787. Rel: Rex 4 gg son Hunloke, Henry (I17907)
72 ! Roman Catholic Families of england Gs 924.02lh Folio. Wingerworth Par. Reg. pp 97-116 Hunloke Wills. Wingerworth Par. Reg. GS 56258 pt 80. The Feudal History of derbyshire Co. GS 924.51 D2y vol 2 pt 4 pp 465-467. Charlotte was also bap 1 Jun 1941 and end 12 May 1942. Rel: Rex 5 gg son Throckmorton, Charlotte (I17910)
73 ! Roman Catholic Families of england Gs 924.02lh Folio. Wingerworth Par. Reg. pp 97-116 Hunloke Wills. Wingerworth Par. Reg. GS 56258 pt 80. The Feudal History of derbyshire Co. GS 924.51 D2y vol 2 pt 4 pp 465-467. Rel: Rex 5 gg son Hunloke, Thomas Windsor (Sir)/(Sir) (I17909)
74 "a worthy founder and liberal benefactor to Trinity Church" (gravestone) Children (by first wife, it is not certain that Martha was the mother of the children): Deborah, Hannah, Mary, Abigail, Susanna, Elizabeth

Agreement made 10 Sep 1729 between widow Martha and children regarding estate of Lt. Abraham Adams

Possibly first wife was Sarah Lockwood, b. 27 Feb 1651, daughter of Robert and Susanna Lockwood 
Adams, Abraham (I39930)
75 "Bryan Times"; Bryan, Williams Co., OH; Thursday, October 18, 1951
Services Friday for Mrs. Louise Ingalls
Funeral services for Mrs. Louise Ingalls, 81, will be conducted at 11 a.m. Friday at the Cretors and Kissell Funeral Home with the Rev. J. Louis Crandall, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial will be at Cheshire, Mass.
Mrs. Ingalls, a life-long resident of the community, passed away Tuesday evening in Cameron Hospital here after suffering a heart attack 
Hoadley, Emma Louise (I24617)
76 "Danill Cortis" received 8£-2s-9d of the personal estate of Mary Odell in an agreement dated 10 Mar 1712, signed by Danill, Abel Bingham (husband of Elizabeth Odell), Robert Turney (husband of Rebecca Odell), Jacob Sterling (husband of Hannah Odell), Samuel Ferris (husband of Martha Odell), Deborah Odell, John Odell and Samuel Odell. Curtis, Daniel (I40027)
77 "daughter of Thomas Merwin" Merwin, Margaret (I21766)
78 "From Fearon Bible Records" says Juliette was wife of Robert M. Fearon's son, Robert N. Fearon. 1870 Census suggests she was Robert M. Fearon's second wife

1880 US Census, New York, Madison, Oneida, Jacob W. Lynk, 69, retired farmer, wife Juliette M. 57, step son Henry Fearon 16, sister-in-law Eliza A. Dana 59, single, all born NY

Alternate date of birth: 30 Jan 1823 
Dana, Juliette Maria Josephine (I15945)
79 "History of Columbiana County Ohio with Illistrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers" 1879
SMITH. page 308
John Detchon, son of Oswell and Annie (Carr) Detchon, pioneers of Trumbull Co., Ohio, came to Smith in 1822. In 1824 he married Maria Hoadley, seventh child of Gideon Hoadley, by whom he had five children,-Hiram, Stow Sylvester, Sarah Ann, who married John Courtney; Elizabeth, who married Brinton Hair; and Mary, who became the wife of Addison Long. Hiram lives in Smith. His children are Wilmer H., Philip J., Annie M., and Henry M.

1850 Census Smith Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio
John Detchon 51 M W Farmer 2,800 New Jersey
Maria 45 F W OH
Hiram 22 M W Farmer OH
Stow S. 20 M W School Teacher OH [Sylvester Stow Detchon]
Sarah A. 18 F W OH
Betsy 15 F W School Teacher OH
Mary 8 F W OH
1860 Census Coal Creek, Montgomery Co., Indiana [Him?]
S.S. Detchen 29 M Dentist - 400 OH
Mary A. 22 F IN
1870 Census Coal Creek Twp. Crawfordsville P.O., Montgomery Co., Indiana
Detchon, Stow S. 39 M W Physician 5500 4625 OH
- Jemima 25 F W Keeping House IN
Tinnie? 2 F W IN
1880 Census New Richmond, Montgomery Co., Indiana ED89 page 16 D
Detchon, Stowe S. W M 49 M Physician OH OH OH [Indexed as Detition]
Jemima W F 35 M Keeping House IN IN IN
John W M 6 S Son IN IN? IN
Polly A. McComas b. about 1839 d. about 1862 in Montgomery County, Indiana m. Stow S. Detchon in 1857, Montgomery County, Indiana Daughter of Samuel and Maria (Carr) McComas
Name: DETCHON, HIRAM Spouse: HARTSEL, ELIZABETH Marriage Date: 01 Jan 1857 County: Mahoning State: OH
1900 Census Smith Twp., Mahoning Co., OH
Detchon, Hiram Head W M May 1828 72 M 43 OH VA OH Farmer
Elizabeth Wife W F Apr 1833 67 M 43 4 4 OH OH OH
Henry Son W M Jul 1870 29 S OH OH OH
The Alliance Review, Alliance OH
Wednesday 13 Sep 1916
Hiram Detchon, one of the pioneers of Smith township died at his home
southwest of North Benton Tuesday night at 9 o'clock from bowel trouble
coupled with infirmities due to advanced years, he being in the 89th year
of his age.
Deceased was born in Smith township on the farm adjoining that where his
death occurred and the township had eery been his home, his life work
ever that of the farm. He was a splendid man, neighbor and citizen and
ever held the esteem of a wide circle of friends.
Surviving is his aged wife, herself very ill, and three children, Henry
Detchon at home, Philip Detchon of Deerfield and Mrs. Clark Bayless of
North Benton. Of his paternal family he is the last surviving member.
Two sisters died about a year ago.
Funeral services will be Thursday afternoon at two o'clock, sun time,
burial to be made in Hartzell cemetery. Friends coming for the service
by train in the morning will be met at the station.
Birth: 1828 in Smith Twp, Columbiana/Mahoning, OH

1880 Census Smith Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio
Hiriam COURTNEY Self M Male W 27 OH Farm Laborer OH OH
Hannah COURTNEY Wife M Female W 26 PA Keeping House PA NY
Etta COURTNEY Dau S Female W 7 OH At School OH PA
Elizabeth COURTNEY Dau S Female W 2 OH OH PA
Ernest COURTNEY Son S Male W 3M OH OH PA
Maria DETCHEON GMother W Female W 75 OH Living In Family CT CT [Hoadley]

Maria(h) (Hoadley) Detchon b. abt Abt 28 Nov 1804 died 7 Oct 1888, Mahoning Co., OH
John Detchon died abt 12 March 1875, Mahoning Co., OH buried North Benton Cemetery, North Benton, Ohio, 
Detchon, John (I24316)
80 "Joan Senchion," the widow of Christopher, was in the St. Olave Silver Street rent records on 21 May 1638. She was a midwife from 1627 to 1653, according to the following sketch of her career: A widow who was licensed 1627. She was still active at the visitation of 1637. She was an associate of Anne Clifton, senior midwife. In 1638, as head of her own household, she paid a rent in the upper half of parish rents. Parish records of 1640-41, 1652-53 refer to midwife Sension as she carried out deliveries of parish women. "Joane Sensions" was also mentioned as participating in a surgical observation at Surgeon's Hall on Mugwell Street (which intersects Silver Street. Joan (I18794)
81 "Junior" Johnson Jr., 69, of Sarasota, Fla., died Saturday morning. He was born Jan. 9, 1938, in Greeneville and was a son of the late Frank and Kathleen Johnson. Mr. Johnson retired from Sarasota Wholesale Inc. He was of the Baptist tradition of faith. His family noted, "He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather." Survivors include his wife of 46 years; a daughter, and one son; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; a brother and sister-in-law; four sisters and two brothers-in-law; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by an infant son: William Michael Johnson; and two brothers: Minnis Johnson and Ray Johnson. A memorial service was held at 10:30 Wednesday morning at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Sarasota. The Rev. Dr. Hal Burke officiated. Johnson, William Frank "Junior" (I36407)
82 "Madame Canneghem, St. Martin, Lorey, Meuse, France. John's father's sister." Haquin, Elisabeth (I37919)
83 "Mrs. Almeda Clarissa Scarritt, the daughter of Middleton and Clarissa (Clark) Tackabury, was born in Eaton, Madison County, NY, Feb 2, 1834. She was one of a family of seven children: Sarah D. Kingsbury , who died two years ago near Hamilton, NY; Adelbert Tackabury, Smyrna, NY; Mrs. Annis Towslee, who died several years ago; Samuel S. Tackabury; Frank Tackabury; and Mrs. Lucy A. T. Miner of Hamilton, NY. Her girlhood was spent on a farm at Pecksport, near Hamilton, the present home of her brother Frank and family. She married James M. Scarritt at Hamilton, NY, July 31, 1854. They lived in various places and came to Hudson in 1872 when Mr. Scarritt purchased the Hudson Post. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Clara A. Palmer of Rochester, MI; grandsons, James A. Steuerwald of Hudson; Fred S. Palmer; Louis Palmer of Detroit; Will Palmer of Royal Oak, MI; granddaughters, Mrs. Clara Granby of Ft. Worth, TX; Mrs. Mae Benson of Detroit; Mrs. Marigold Holtgren of Rochester, NY; Pauline Palmer of Rochester; greatgrandchildren, Clara Maude and Eileen Benson of Detroit; Pauline and Josephine Palmer of Royal Oak; and Rollin Holtgren of Rochester, NY. Also one sister, Mrs. Lucy A. T. Miner of Hamilton, NY, and brothers, Samuel and Frank of Hamilton, and Adelbert Tackabury of Smyrna. Her husband died in October of 1901. Her daughter, Mattie Steuerwald, died March 18, 1917." Tackabury, Almeda (I19314)
84 "Pa" as he was affectionately known by family and friends, was a good neighbor to everyone. He practiced "The Golden Rule" every day of his life. Many are the times that he would let his own work go to help a neighbor who needed him. Many people have felt his extended hand in friendship. He professed faith in Christ at age 14 and it was this faith that carried him through the dark hours of his life. Widowed when his family was young, he worked day and night to keep them together. Never once did he complain or allow his faith to be shaken. He truly set an example with his devotion to God and his family. As his childern married and grandchildren came along, nothing pleased him more than to have them visit. He loved children and they, in turn, loved him. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren were his delight and he loved to "spoil" them. He will be sadley missed, but loveingly remembered by his family and all who knew him. He had been a member of Mount Carmel United Methodist Church at Sunnyside for 81 years. He was also a retired farmer and a retired employee of Planters Warehouse after 48 years of service. He was preceded in death by his wife: Ora Lee Gregory Southerland, in 1936; a sister Mary Hensley; and a brother: Arthur Gunter. Survivors are one daughter and son-in-law: Minnie Bea and Eldridge Massey of Greene County; four sons and daughter-in-law: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn (Lillian) Southerland, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Ruth) Southerland, Mr. And Mrs. Tommie (Romain) Southerland, all of Greene County, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Bernice) Southerland of Amarillo, Texas; 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren; one sister: Julie Fletcher of Rheatown; one brother: W.R Wilson of Ferndale, Mich.; and a host of nieces and nephews. Southerland, Charlie Anderson (I36272)
85 "received of Ephraim French Administrator on the estate of my father Jeriel French late of Weston deceased the sum of three hundred and seven dollars sixty one cents & five mills being the one forth part of the moveable part of said estate and also the sum of two hundred and six dollars & twenty five being the value of the one forth part of the real estate" receipted in Huntington, CT on 24 Jan 1814.

Children: Perkins, Esther, Betsey, Eliza 
French, John T. (I39974)
86 "Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant" are fitting words as we sum up the life of Mrs. Beatta Myrhagen Overland, widow of the late O. J. Overland, who passed away early Tuesday morning at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Johnson, with whom she had been staying since Christmas. Mrs. Overland had been in poor health for some time, but had been acutely ill for only a week. On Monday she seemed quite as usual except for a feeling of extreme fatigue and while she slept death came quietly early Tuesday morning to close the life of a faithful wife, a devoted mother to 11 children, an earnest Christian, and an ardent friend to all who knew her. Mrs. Beatta Overland was born in Norway, May 5, 1854 and came to this country with her parents when 14 years old, settling first at Highland. She continued to make Highland her home until her marriage, more than 60 years ago, to Mr. O. J. Overland. She then moved to Bratsberg where her husband operated the Bratsberg store and where she spent her entire married life. Mr. Overland died in April, 1916, and for a time after his death, Mrs. Overland still made her home at Bratsberg, but about 18 years ago, she moved to Rushford where she had resided continuously ever since. Mrs. Overland leaves to mourn her loss nine of her eleven children. They are Mrs. George Austad, Mrs. Soren Humble, Mrs. Olaf Johnson, Bennie and Hans of Rushford, Gynther of Winona, Mrs. J. M. Fossen, Sioux Falls, S. D., Mrs. Edward Johnson, Whalan, and Mrs. A. W. Sjostrum of Milaca. One son, Olaf, passed away on Christmas Day, 1934, and another son, Selmer, died exactly one year before his mother, on Jan. 30, 1939. Other survivors are one sister. Mrs. Lizzie Viken, who is 90 years old and resides at Estelline, S. D., one
brother, Ole Myrhagen, Pelican Rapids, Minn., 33 grand children and 12
great grand children. Funeral services were held Friday at the Overland home at 1 o'clock by the Rev. N. L. Otterstad and at this service Mrs. N. A. Skarstad sang. At 2:30 services were held at the Highland Prairie Lutheran church with the Rev. N. S. Magelssen officiating. Burial was made in the cemetery at Highland Prairie. Pallbearers were George, Gynther, Hans and Peter Overland, Nels Byboth and Olaf Byboth.

Alternate birth date: 5 May 1854
Came to this country with her parents when 14 years old, settling at Highland Prairie
Beata Hansen in son Olaf's baptismal record

1920 MN Census, Norway Twp., Fillmore Co., Betsy Overland, rents farm, age 64, widow, immigrated to US in 1871, naturalized 1878, no occupation, with sons Olaf, Selmer and Bennie

1930 US Census, Minnesota, Fillmore, Rushford, Beata Overland, owns home valued 2000, age 74, widow, with son Oluf, age 50, single, farm machinery

A resident of Rushford for 18 years, she died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Olaf Johnson
Survived by 33 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren

Alternate: Randine Beata Myhrhagen
Alternate: Randeni Beatha Kand 
Myrhagen, Beata Betsey (I4445)
87 "WI West Bend News, Oct. 1981"
                                                        "Ruth E. Weasler"
Ruth E. Weasler, Nee Safford, 69, of 2280 Wallace Lake Road, West Bend, died Monday, Oct. 19, at St. Joseph's Community Hospital, West Bend.
She was born Sept. 10, 1912, in Brookstown, Minn. and married Dean Weasler in St. John's Lutheran Church, West Bend, on June 21, 1947.
Survivors include her husband; two sisters; two brother, and other relatives and friends.
Funeral services will be Wednesday at 8 pm. at the Techtman-Myrhum Funeral Home, West Bend, Rev. Charles will officiate and Burial will be in Washington County Memorial Park.
Visition at the Funeral Home will be Wednesday from 4 pm. until time of services. 
Safford, Ruth E. (I25210)
88 #2 wife of Almond?
to Monroe Co., NY in 1837 ( after Vivus #5 was born)
(? 1st wife died <1842???) 
Elneor (I14100)
89 (Akre) Johnson, John (I4572)
90 (Baptised) April 19th, 1801, Frances, the Daughter of John & Susanna James James, Frances (I15612)
91 (Baptised) Dec. 30th, 1798, Maria, Daughter of John & Susanna James James, Maria (I15611)
92 (Baptized) Jany 22nd, 1797, Sarah, Daughter of John & Susanna James James, Sarah (I15610)
93 (besok hos dotter) Skjelbred, Olav Stenersen (I9810)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9330)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4096)
96 (Endru)
1930 US Census, Minnesota, Fillmore, Peterson, Bent C. Benson 49, married age 24, born MN, contractor carpenter, with wife Cora 45, married age 21, Clifford T. 22, Norman E. 17, Teman B. 13, Maynard W. 11, Ruth B. 9, Bertrum C. (daughter) 6

Alternate: Bernt O. Bensen 
Benson, Bent C. (I5275)
97 (Endru) Benson, Helene (I5223)
98 (Fjellet II 6) Olavsson Slettemas, Halvor (I3130)
99 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9342)
100 (Halvor 6) Tveiten, Knut Halvorsson (I4088)

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