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The information on this web site is the result of contributions by many people, but special thanks and acknowledgment are made to:

Lorraine Anfinson, for her "Family History of Ole Christiansen (Haug) and Berit Baardsen (Lie) (Olson-Mindrum Families) September, 1988. This 351-page volume provides a wealth of information about Ole Christiansen Haug's ancestors and descendants. Lorraine researched Highland Prairie Church records for information on baptisms, confirmations, marriages and burials. She also contacted countless "Mindrums" through telephone calls and letters to compile a family history of not just names and dates, but also photographs, documents and personal accounts. Lorraine dedicated her work to: "Eleanor Mindrum Shattuck, granddaughter of Peter M. Olsen. (About 1968), she made a Family History of Ole and Berit Haug's youngest son, Peter Magnus Olsen. Now this history has been updated with new additions to families and family members who have passed away; some of the families have written interesting stories about their families, childhood, and adult lives; and others, too, have sent numerous pictures."

Audrey Overland and Lorna Anderson, for their "Overland Family History with Roots in Telemark Norway," 1986. Comprising 434 pages in three volumes, this work begins with an overview of Norway in the first half of the nineteenth century, particularly Telemark, and a picture of the Norwegian migration to America. The family history covers the ancestors and descendants of people on two Overland farms- Lone and Runningen, located near Seljord, Telemark, Norway. It includes numerous personal accounts and photographs in addition to names and dates of about 2,500 direct descendants of Johannes and Tone Overland in 8 generations of family. Audrey and Lorna dedicated their work "to the Overland family, who had the courage to set upon the unknown, the strength and determination to build new lives for themselves in the new land, and the faith in God that helped to make it possible."

Douglas Eggen, whose Eggen family tree provided a comprehensive overview of the Eggen family in both Norway and the United States. Based upon family research by Doug Eggen and information obtained from visits to Norway by Doug and Elsie Eggen, Homer and Mary Eggen, Al and Thelma Eggen.

Max Anderson Melick, for his "The Jesse and Anna Anderson Family Tree," Milwaukee, summer, 1997. This book includes names and dates, biographies, photographs, copies of vital records, excerpts from a civil war diary, and the recipe for Grandma Anderson's White Cake.

Sandra and Robert Dollinger for "The Harker Family History," Villa Park, Illinois, 2000. This book contains names, dates, photographs, obituaries and vital records, with particular emphasis on the Peter Harker family.

Marjorie Harker Anderson, for information, photographs, vital records and obituaries for the Harker, Goschey, Kern, Tuke, Tackaberry, Anderson, Grouse and Girdner families.

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